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Welcome to Couriers TV’s latest digital newsletter

It’s February and a lot of you are probably happy to finally get January over and done with, right? It’s not a lot of people’s favourite month, but we all have to go through it.

But now it’s the month of love. And we want to know if last month showed you any affection. Did you get enough work? What were the rates like? Anything you can tell us helps us paint a better picture of the industry. We’ve added a link to a survey we’d like your help with, along with an offer to get a discounted listing on our local business directory.

This Month’s Headlines

  • Latest News: UK in Recession?
  • Survey – How was it for you?
  • OFFER – Join the Directory for only £12 in February!
  • Want to join CX? This is when (and how) to do it
  • Compare the UK’s leading Courier Companies
  • Fuel Cards
  • Share Your News

Is The UK About To Enter A Recession?

We’ve just seen headlines that it’s highly likely we’re in a recession. And that means that a lot of companies will probably tighten the purse strings a little more, watch their expenditure etc.

This can affect how often people use courier services, and it’s also worth keeping an eye on anyone paying invoices late as the flow of business stutters.

It’s not nice, but we all have our businesses to protect when times get tough, so make sure you take care of your cashflow in order to make it out the other side.

How Was It For You? A Quick Industry Survey About January.

We want to get an insight into how things are shaping up for drivers after the first month of 2024.

If you have a few minutes, please answer a few questions on how January has been for your business – head to our Surveys and Statistics page

Be Our Valentines! Get 50% Discount to pair up with us in February

Get your business found more online. Join our Couriers-Only Directory

If you want more customers, you need more people to find you, and these days you need to be found online.

We created a directory that is nothing but couriers, and even better, it’s only 1 courier per location – this means you won’t be fighting for attention in your local area.

For one month only we’ve knocked 50% off the price. 12 months for just £12 if you sign up before 29th February (yes, the 29th – it’s a leap year this year, we’re not trying to trick you).

Find out more or sign up for your own directory listing here

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Want to join CX? This is when (and how to do it)

If you’ve read our list of the top delivery work apps then you’ll know right now the No.1 place to find more work is the Courier Exchange.

And round here we know two things;

  1. The best time to join CX is usually around ‘Black Friday’ (late November) each year.
  2. The 2nd best time, is now.
  3. The way to do it, is to click the button below to request a call-back. One of the CX team will talk you through all the details and your options.

Compare The UK’s Leading Courier Companies

Recently we launched our ‘courier comparison‘ page. It’s only got a few of the top tier companies listed so far, but more will follow. We’re aiming to clarify “who does what” in the industry for both drivers and customers, and it’s starting to get attention.

Is there anyone you think we should add?

UK Fuels Card in a persons hand by a vehicle

Save Money on Diesel with a Fuel Card

Anyone that works in transport will admit that one thing is true – The less your pay for fuel, the better your chances of turning a decent profit.

Why would you pass up a chance to spend LESS on fuel?

We’re working with UK Fuels to make sure our visitors can access some of the UK’s best priced fuel cards.

We’ve made sure that anyone that applies through our enquiry forms will not be charged yearly admin fees on their accounts, meaning it’s one more weight off your shoulders, and one less unwanted charge in your accounts.

Share Your News

The best way to promote and grow your business is to get people like us to share it. Our website visitor numbers are huge (and growing every year!). Thousands of visitors come to CTV every month, so if you’re proud of something about your business then why not share it? Get in touch.

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