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Created by Couriers, about Couriers and for Couriers.

So you want to know what CTV (that’s short for Couriers TV, in case you didn’t know) is all about?

Well unless you come from a job where you already have a wealth of experience in express deliveries, learning what skills you need or which tools are best is a mammoth task.

The idea for CTV came about from Stuart, the owner of Avango, the Manchester-based courier company that he operates full time.

His years operating a professional delivery company gave him the best opportunity to see all the effort required and the challenges that every new delivery driver faces when starting out.

It was his own struggle that convinced the Stuart and the Avango team that it was a story worth expanding on. So Couriers TV was born. Initially it was just going to be a few YouTube videos showing some of the more interesting events in a delivery drivers’ everyday working life.

But as the project grew it became obvious that there was so much more to be made of it.

That’s why we now have this site.

A place where we hope to continue adding articles from both ourselves and other drivers and companies. Along with instructional videos, offers and a wealth of resources to make it a complete one-stop-shop for transport professionals to get the equipment they need, get help and advice from others and promote themselves.

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The 3 Golden Rules

1 - It will always be FREE to use

When we created CTV, we knew one thing for sure – that it had to serve the drivers and the courier businesses first. That meant that we will not charge the owner-drivers and small business owners who come here looking for advice and support.

We manage to cover our costs by getting support from the partners and advertisers that want to promote their products and services to our visitors. It’s not a huge amount of money, but it’s enough to keep the platform free for everyone who needs it.

We are planning a paid ‘PRO’ level membership in 2023, but this will provide access to a range of extended services including a Fuel Card, Directory Listing and more. But this will not detract from the fact that every other part of the CTV site is accessible free of charge.

2 - We will never STOOGE for anyone

In case you don’t already know, the way the internet, or specifically social media, works lately is that ‘infuencers’ hold a lot of weight when it comes to helping people choose what goods and services to buy.

The problem is that a lot of these influencers will take money to promote things that are not really right for the audience they are promoting them too.

We decided to stand by our own little ‘oath’ that we will NOT give false recommendations of any products and services that we do not think are right for you. We do our best to try out as much as we can for ourselves so that we give fair feedback.

Anything we talk about across all our platforms will always be our HONEST and UNBIASED opinions, no matter how much any company wants to offer to make us say otherwise.

We know how it feels to get caught out by misleading claims and offers so we want this to be a place that small businesses can trust.

3 - We are not telling you what to do, just sharing our OPINION

Whenever we make any content – whether it’s a video or an article, a review or anything else – please be aware that what we’re stating is always just our OPINION and nothing more.

We are not forcing you to do anything.

You should always use your own common sense to decide whether a product or service is right for you and your business.

Couriers TV cannot be held liable for any actions you take as a result of accessing our content.

Can you help support our efforts?

Just click the button below to head over to our Linktree page and you will see a box with donation options. Whatever you donate will go into making this platform even better.

We will pay forward 10% of every donation (or £1, whichever is more) to a mental health charity.

Donations of more than £25 will also receive 2 personalised mugs with your own business details on (use our contact form to claim your mugs).

What would my donation help achieve?

It’s mostly just me (Stuart), full time at least. There are one or two others that help occasionally on social media and behind the scenes, but only when they are able to spare us some of their free time.

We are always trying to research new products and services so that Couriers TV becomes a valuable platform to help small businesses.

With your support we hope to be able to buy new equipment and even pay someone, at least part time, to work with us and move the project forward. There’s so much more left to do and a part-time assistant would really help.

You Can Also Help CTV by visiting
our selected partners and advertisers pages

There are a lot of product and service pages here on CTV and some of them are willing to pay us a small amount if you purchase anything from them. It’s not very much, but like a supermarket once said – ‘Every little helps’. It doesn’t affect the reviews we write. We promise to always give an honest opinion of all the things we test.

You will also see promotion boxes around the site like the one below. These are often paid advertisements or referral sponsors, so if you click on these they also help earn us a tiny amount of money.

We’re never going to be rich from running CTV, but if the service earns enough to pay for itself then it will ease the burden on us.

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Do you want to get involved?

If you can’t donate funds, there are other ways to help. Do you want to be a part of the project and help find a way to improve working life for transport professionals? If there’s anything you think you can share with the thousands of visitors we get every month then please contact us and start the discussion.