About Us

Created by Couriers, about Couriers and for Couriers.

Unless you come from a job where you already have a wealth of experience in express deliveries, learning what skills you need or which tools are best is a mammoth task.

The idea for Couriers TV came about from Stuart, the owner of small, private transport company Avango Couriers Ltd.

Stuart has grown Avango into one of the best independent couriers Manchester has to offer.

His years operating a professional delivery company gave him the best opportunity to see all the effort required and the challenges that every courier faces when starting out.

It was his own struggle that convinced the Stuart and the Avango team that it was a story worth expanding on. So Couriers TV was born. Initially it was just going to be a few YouTube videos showing some of the more interesting events in a couriers everyday working life.

But as the project grew it became obvious that there was so much more to be made of it.

That’s why we now have this site. A place where we hope to continue adding articles from both ourselves and other drivers and companies. Along with instructional videos, offers and a wealth of resources to make it a complete one-stop-shop for couriers to get the equipment they need, get help and advice from others and promote themselves.

Who’s Involved?

Right now, the Couriers TV team is made up of… Stuart. Full time at least.

Behind the scenes he has a few excellent friends who are putting in hours wherever they can. The Avango office team occasionally help out with things like calls, data entry for the website and social media posts.

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