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Improve your efficiency with advanced GPS vehicle location and performance data devices.

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Track your vehicles, improve security and efficiency with leading Telematics systems.

Data is a powerful tool that can be used in almost any industry. The more you know, the more you can adapt how you operate. Telematics is the use of GPS and vehicle data (typically the OBD or ‘onboard diagnostics’ port) to be able to analyse and improve the routes we use, the way we drive and even increase the security of our delivery vehicles. It can help to train drivers to be more efficient in the way they operate vehicles, learn better routes and so much more.

Take a look at our new selection of Telematics service providers and see what’s right for your business. Whether you’re an owner-driver or have a fleet of vehicles there is always room for improvement and we think you’ll get a return on investment when you see exactly what’s happening on your journeys.

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The humble logo. Often overlooked, and let’s face it, how many transport companies will just do the Arrow-around-a-globe, a 3D box or a van with speed lines after it?

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