Trust in telematics – how to insure (and improve) driver behaviour.

Fleetmaxx Solutions Telematics Laptop Tracking Vehicles

Adopting telematics technology by the Business Owner, CEO, COO, and CFO of a business is clear-cut when looking at investment return. The commercial benefits include savings on fuel and vehicle wear and tear, putting telematics firmly in the category of cost savings. However, once the decision leaves the boardroom, how can you gain trust and […]

Promotion: Stock up on supplies during Amazon Prime Day 2021

Every business needs certain essentials to run smoothly. There’s the stationery that you need to send out invoices and quotes, or the safety equipment required to access customer sites. Whatever it is, you probably find yourself needing to buy these kinds of things on a regular basis throughout the year. Well one good idea is […]

Promotion: Bounce back your vending operation with Maxx Control Fuel Card

Fleetmaxx Maxx Control Fuel Card

Post-pandemic lockdown our Maxx Control Pre-Pay Fuel Card is our latest product that will let you and your drivers fill up wherever and whenever for less. We know you have had to get creative to keep your business running during the past year. You have done the right thing by being a Couriers TV member, […]

Top 5 Reasons To Be A Courier

Couriers TV Top 5 Reasons to be a Courier

The world has changed significantly over the past 12 months during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Whole industries have shifted and it’s caused a lot of changes in the way many people work. Many of those unfortunate enough to have lost the jobs they had before 2020 may now be looking at courier work. But what are […]

Where to find more courier work online (September 2020)

which courier work websites to choose from?

Being a self-employed courier means one thing – you’re always looking for where your next job is coming from. If you work hard enough and have a bit of luck, you’ll get some regular customers. But for the vast majority, work exchange websites are the way to top up your earnings. The events of 2020 […]

Is Your Van MOT’d?

This is 2020. The year that just keeps on giving. Although not all the things it gives are good. The latest present we’ve been given is confusion over the MOT rules. Back in March or April when Britain was first introduced to the new-found ‘lockdown’ scenario and our lives were thrown upside down, vehicle MOT’s […]

Courier Exchange: Misleading Drivers During Uncertain Times?

Empty City Streets with no business misleading drivers

We created Couriers TV to do something to help those in the transport industry, and those looking to be a part of it, get the right information. With that in mind, we’re doing what we can to investigate companies. Especially those that provide goods and services, to see if they are misleading drivers. We’ve just […]

News: Huge Increase in People Wanting to Become a Courier.

Courier driving on empty motorway during coronavirus lockdown

The Coronavirus, and more specifically the UK lockdown that was put in place to slow the spread of the virus, has caused huge upheaval and seen thousands of people lose their jobs or their businesses collapse because of the restrictions and loss of trade. Most likely as a cause of this, we are witnessing a […]

News: Advice for Drivers During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We’ve all surely heard about the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK and around the world. Whilst it does pose a risk to some, for many people it may not be as much of an issue. That being said, it’s still important to heed medical advice and put precautions in place to protect yourself […]

News: Statement from Same Day Courier Network (SDCN)

sameday courier network SDCN screenshots

Good afternoon SDCN members past and present, Firstly happy new year, although the festive period seems like a long time ago already!  I just wanted to give you all a quick update on SDCN, where we are and where we’re going.  Strong start to 2020 for network memberships For SDCN it has been a very […]

Download Free Delivery Notes for Couriers

Need some stationery for your delivery business? Well that’s great, because we’ve just added free downloadable delivery notes to our site. If you’re looking at becoming a courier, or you recently became one, then we hope by now you’ve got the idea that Couriers TV is a place where you can get answers to all […]

What’s to come for Couriers TV in 2020?

Did anyone else out there blink and almost miss the Christmas break? Wow. It seemed to fly by here at CTV Towers. There we were just putting our feet up and enjoying a turkey sandwich, when it’s suddenly the new year and everyone’s back to it. Welcome to 2020! I guess time always seems to […]

The Best Time to Be a Courier

Be a courier parcels at christmas time wrapped near tree

I often get asked by people looking to become a courier ‘When is the best time to start out?‘. They usually want to know how much work is available at any given moment. I’m not a psychic and I can’t perfectly predict what’s going to happen, but there are seasonal trends. Courier work, and logistics […]

Courier Work Exchange Websites Reviewed.

finding courier work websites on laptop in march

When I started out as a courier I was as green as it gets. I knew virtually nothing. I came from a background of print and web design. The main reason I moved to transport was because I had made a website for a friend and he wasn’t bothering to use it, so I did. […]

New Year, New Design

New Header background Couriers TV Logo

Ok so there’s nothing new in using the phrase “New Year, New ….”, but I couldn’t think of a better title for this short post just to update people on where things are at currently. It’s 2019. Couriers TV has been in the works for just over 2 years now. It’s taken longer than expected […]

March 2018 update

finding courier work websites on laptop in march

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This is just a quick post to let visitors know about the progress being made and new things happening with Couriers TV up to March 2018. We’ve started to put the ‘TV’ in Couriers TV For those of you that haven’t seen it yet (and I don’t know how that’s […]

Ratchet Straps

ratchet straps securing a pallet load

Ratchet Straps can be a couriers best friend at times, and no matter what kind of work you plan on doing, it makes sense to always have some available. Okay, so if you are a parcel multi-dropper then you won’t have much of the time or inclination to bother tying anything down. But occasionally there […]

We are GO for Launch

rocket launch slow motion

I repeat, we are GO for launch! Welcome to the new Courier Website, Couriers.TV Push (or click) the button, start those engines, whatever you want to call it – we can now officially say we are ready to make our brand new courier website, Couriers TV, public. There are still things to ‘tweak’ behind the […]

It’s Almost Time To Push The Button

child pushing button just in time on aeroplane

That’s right. After months of hard work it’s almost time to hit the launch button on the Couriers TV project. Right now we’re 80% excited, 20% nervous, but those figures could change at any moment. Luckily the check sheet of jobs to do is being ticked off quickly now and there are just a couple […]

Close to the start

sprint race start line

This project has been a long time coming, but for anyone that has been visited us previously, you should start to notice a big difference now. For a long time the issue was trying to structure the directory correctly and find a way for new users to add their businesses, but then we stumbled on […]

We’re Snowballing

girl making snowball

That title of this article is not supposed to directly imply we’re out snowballing people. It has nothing to do with the weather or any kind of winter pastimes. It’s purely a metaphorical reference to the way the moment is starting to pick up with the Couriers.TV project. Eh? Snowballs? What the…? You know how […]

The Foundations

concrete foundations

Before you ask, ‘The Foundations’ isn’t the name of some dreadful pop band from the 90s. Well, it might be, but I’ve never heard of them. To me it’s just a blog post title, one that signals the very beginning of what I hope will eventually become something worthwhile. I’ve always tried my best in […]