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The Best Insurance Providers for Your Delivery Business

We know the insurers listed here are worthy of your business, because we've used them ALL ourselves to insure our own vehicles, assets and customer property.

Finding the right courier insurance, whether it’s for a single van or a range of commercial vehicles can be a real headache.

Here at Couriers TV we work hard to try and find deals that will help couriers get better value for the products and services they need. That’s why we make the effort to narrow down the information to make it easier for you to know where to go.

We’ve been insured through some of the companies listed here so we have first-hand experiences to be able to list these providers with confidence that they can offer the right products at competitive prices to our visitors.

Some are better are tailoring quotes for individual circumstances (like poor credit history), and others are better covering large fleets.

We recommend that you source quotes from at least TWO different providers so that you give yourself the best chance of a good deal. Insurers are often changing their promotions and willing to work with customers to secure their business.

Couriers TV Recommendation - Complete Cover Provider

GoSkippy 4 Business

The team at Go Skippy 4 Business will be able to help using their individual experience surpassing decades. Whether it’s a single vehicle you need insuring or a fleet of vehicles, they will strive to be your broker of choice. They can offer a wide range of products catering for all your business needs. This includes: Commercial Vehicle, Commercial Fleet, Public Liability and Goods in Transit cover.

Optional extras they can provide include, Breakdown cover, Legal cover, Key cover, and Excess Protection.

All this comes at a competitive price and in quick time.

GoSkippy 4 Business Logo

Avango Couriers Ltd t/a Couriers TV is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Somerset Bridge Insurance Services Ltd t/s GoSkippy 4 Business who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm reference number 477112). Registered in England and Wales (No. 6334001).

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Avango Couriers Ltd selected GoSkippy 4 Business as our vehicle insurance provider prior to becoming an IAR (Introducer Appointed Representative) and were impressed with the very competitive price, service standard and simplicity and rated them 5/5

GoSkippy 4 Business offers this extended range of services

Goods in Transit Cover

Commercial Fleet Cover

Liability For Couriers Cover

Check out these other insurers for single vehicle and fleet cover


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hubb is the award-winning broker taking the fleet market by storm, by using AI, automation and data science to reduce the time and money that you spend on your fleet insurance.

We only use the very best insurance markets insuring wide coverage and a first class claims service and our customer portal allows you a fully transparent view of your coverage, 24/7.

Fleet & Courier insurance with that new van smell...

Hubb also offers this extended range of services and features

Van Cover

Goods in transit cover

Public liability Cover

Directors and Officers Cover

Goods-in-Transit & Public Liability Cover

You will need to be correctly insured to be a professional courier and that goes further than just having van insurance for delivery work. You will need Goods in Transit and Public Liability cover. Without these, any damage to goods, injuries to members of the public or stolen property could be very costly to you and your business.

All of our current recommended providers are able to offer the cover you need, so why not get in touch and get a quote today? Use the links below or fill out our call-back form at the top of the page

Further information

Still not sure of all the types of equipment you might need for your courier business, and the level of cover you might need to get everything protected? We’ve provided a quick reference guide below, or if you need a bit more knowledge we’ve also written an article with more information here

Hire and Reward

A common term you will see in vehicle cover when you’re doing courier work is the term ‘Hire and Reward’. This basically states that the vehicle you’re insuring is not just used for popping to the local shops on Saturday morning. You’re operating a goods vehicle and actively using it to earn money and this needs to be shown on your documents.

Goods In Transit Cover

Essential for courier work. This is required to protect the value of the goods you are carrying in case anything gets damaged or stolen during the delivery. If you fail to get this, then you will be liable to cover the costs of any issues yourself.

Public Liability

To protect you from costly legal claims in the event a member of the public gets injured whilst you’re doing your work. If you drop a heavy box on someones foot, or knock them over with your sack truck, then things could get awkward. This cover is there to help you cover the costs of a costly compensation claim.

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