User Review of Courier Exchange (CX) (2023)

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Basic Background

If you’re new to the industry and don’t know your CX from your MT Vans, then here it is; The Courier Exchange is one of the oldest load-share/networking platforms in the industry – and it’s been the leader in this field for many years.

How did we review Courier Exchange?

We have been long-time users of CX, although we did take a break from the platform around 2021/2022. We re-joined towards the end of 2022 and this review is based on our experiences of the last 10 months of using it, as well as being able to compare our previous experience to see if it’s gotten any better or worse over time.

The Best / Worst Parts

Feature packed website

As soon as you log into your account portal on the desktop website you are plunged into pages upon pages of information.

Details about your business, a page for loads, accounting info.

You can define where you are, where you want to source work, your fleet (if you have one) and much more.

All of this is great if you love information. And if you have time to sit and browse.

The ‘LOADS’ page is most important if you’re sat at home and trying to plan the next day or a specific route. It features plenty of filters and sorting controls. These allow you to match your vehicle to the most appropriate loads.

From there on you can either call or enter an electronic quote for the jobs. A lot of companies are now using the e-quote system more than anything which is good – so much more efficient than making lots of calls.

If your bids are successful, the seller will confirm it with you, send the job through to you and off you go.

Just looking for extra delivery work? Stick to the App

If you’re just looking to work as a driver, the app is a better place to spend your time.

The loads are there, you can search and bid, win and go. That’s how simple it should be.

Most of the important features that you will need as a driver are in the CX Mobile App. This is an essential addition for life out on the road. You bid for work, and can log and report every stage of your bookings back to the office that assigned the load.

Your vehicle can be tracked in real time and this helps match you with loads available wherever you find yourself once empty again.

Selling work to other drivers

The limitation to the app is that you can’t post/sell a job if you need someone to cover your own work. I believe there is either a separate app or you possibly need a higher account level to do this.

The only other way to do it is to head back into the website, which is almost impossible to use on a mobile. You’ll need at least a Tablet or Laptop to have any real success.

Networking and partnerships

One thing that can make-or-break any small business is the connections you make along the way. And that goes for transport too. Networking with other companies and drivers will serve you well in the long run, and not just when you’re a member of exchange platforms.

A way to make better use of this platform is to get to know the main players and the best drivers and stay in contact.

When people learn you’re good at what you do (and trustworthy), they will keep in touch. The huge member directory for CX is like a Who’s Who in transport. I don’t know the exact numbers, but at any one time I think there are over 6,000 members

It’s also a way to find out who NOT to trust as well, because word gets around when there are unscrupulous members on the loose.

Will it actually get you work and help you earn money?

Out of the top 20 apps that we have researched available in the UK to help drivers get work, this is the No.1 option. We’re not saying it’s perfect, in fact far from it. And it’s not guaranteed that you will get work on the Courier Exchange. But this is probably your best chance.

The down sides are that it’s expensive and the rates you may have to run at in order to win some of the work could be less than what you really want.

Take a look at our Rates Pricing Guide for more information about current rates and learn market trends so that you can be competitive when bidding for work.

Courier Exchange screenshots
CX Courier Exchange Screen


Cost of Membership: £1600 per year

This is the part that stings. It’s by far the most expensive platform to join. We believe it’s £1600 minimum and the price goes even higher for certain features and multi-user accounts. And there’s no monthly payment options, it’s one swift kick in the bank account and they don’t do refunds allegedly. Back in the early days we paid in quarterly instalments and the membership fee in 2018 was HALF what it is now. We think £100/month = £1200/year would be more than enough. So you have to take a huge gamble if you want to play this game. For most people though, it will pay off to some extent. If you’re willing to try hard and you live in an area that has plenty of industry and business, then you should be fine. But in our opinion it really doesn’t need to be quite so expensive.


Load Availability:

Now for the better news. The load availability on here is more than most of the other platforms put together. This really is your best chance of finding extra work, if you can afford it.


Features and Benefits:

The new accounting and finance facilities are game changers. You can now raise invoices directly in CX and send straight to your customer, as well as have them linked into you accounting software (depending on what you use). This means you don’t spend a huge amount of time collecting the data from CX to make invoices over in Xero, Freshbooks etc. That has brought added value to the service, so does make the huge membership fee feel a little more understandable – but still not great. You also get access to lots of third-party offers too, much like many services these days.


Credibility and Risk Factors:

The platform is good, but the users are where your real dangers lie in wait. CX Tries to manage dodgy operators, but they can’t stop them 100%. You have to use the feedback system and if something doesn’t feel right then don’t work for people. Experience will teach you who’s likely to be trouble. And the long invoicing terms can be an issue. We recommend people try to work with the companies with the shortest payment windows (30 days from invoice or 30 days EOM at most, stay away from anyone asking for 60 days EOM!)

Pay Rates

Pay Rates Summary:

Big membership means big competition. You’re likely to be bidding against a LOT of other drivers, which means prices are often lower than we’d like. Busy times of year (run up to Christmas etc) can help because the demand for loads to be delivered is greater than the supply of drivers – so the selling companies are willing to pay more to get their routes covered. The reverse is true though – summer means fewer loads and more drivers with nothing to do, so rates fall.

Overall Rating Score


There is a reason that CX continues to lead after all these years. It has the most work of all the platforms available. Companies continue to use it because they know there are lots of drivers registered. The drivers use it because the companies are there selling the work. The sad fact is that because of this, Courier Exchange is able to name its price, and that unfortunately is much higher than any of its competitors. On the plus side, it’s clear that CX have made regular advances with their features and technology so that you can feel like you’re getting a bit more for your money. All most of us really care about though is getting the work we need, at a fair rate to earn a living.

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