Category: The Tools

You’re a Courier. Not an electrician. Or a Plumber. Or a Joiner. But even so, there are still plenty of tools that can be used to make your life easier and improve your job. So we’ve taken the time to find out what you can use to be a better delivery professional.

a blue ratchet strap

Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Straps can be a couriers best friend at times. No matter what kind of work you plan on doing, it makes sense to always have some available. Okay, so the exception is if you are a parcel multi-dropper then you won’t have much of the time or inclination to bother tying anything down. And it won’t be as necessary.

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Delivery Driver sat in van filling out delivery notes whilst promoting CVD Courier Insurance Report on rising costs

Download Free Delivery Notes for Couriers

Need some stationery for your delivery business? Well that’s great, because we’ve just added free downloadable delivery notes to our site. If you’re looking at becoming a courier, or you recently became one, then we hope by now you’ve got the idea that Couriers TV is a place where you can get answers to all your industry-related questions. With that

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