A Directory

Basic Listing: FREE
Upgraded Listings with Web Address: £36 p/year

We’ve all seen web directories right? They’re usually a chaotic mess of information crammed into the smallest space. A mass of data trying to convince the visitor to take action and communicate with the business that they’re looking at. But how does anyone ever really decide to make that call when their brain is still trying to fathom out what it’s even looking at?

We want the Couriers TV directory to be better. We want it to be refined, clear and concise. We want it to paint your business in the best possible light, metaphorically speaking of course.

This directory is for express logistics professionals and related services. We won’t mix your listing in with Plumbers, Accountants or Web Designers. Our visitors are likely to be here because either they need something delivered, quickly and professionally, or they provide that service.

So What Will My Profile Show?

Well there will be the fundamental sections of any business directory including;

  • Your company name
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Logo
  • Web Address (Pro Listings Only)
  • Social Links (Pro Listings Only)

Then we take your information and make it look good. Keep reading…

Banner Ads

Banner Ads on up to 5 Pages
£15 p/month (Min. 3 months)

More details to follow…

Landing Pages

Basic Landing Page with placed Ads: FREE
Upgraded Page (full width, no ads)
3 Months: £60
6 Months: £90
12 Months: £120

More details to follow…

Video Sponsor Slots

Per Video: £200

More details to follow…