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Industry specific advertising that places your brand in front of thousands of transport businesses and independent couriers

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Advertise to The Right Audience

We all know that it doesn’t matter how good the product or service you’re selling is, if nobody knows about it. We all have to do some form of advertising at some point.

Couriers TV is here to help any business that provides products and services that are relevant to couriers get more exposure. Whether it’s vans, software, work wear…whatever – it’s good with us if it’s good for transport professionals.

Here are some of the options available to businesses looking to get their brands noticed on Couriers TV. We are open to working with other brands on referral basis where we feel it works well for both parties.

Our Re-Marketing Pledge

Couriers TV is still a young site but is growing rapidly, and we promise to invest at least 30% of ALL advertising fees received straight back into direct marketing to bring more visitors into our site.

What About The Numbers?

You will obviously need to know how many people visit our site before you invest in advertising with us. Take a look at our Stats and Surveys page to see our end of year report for 2023, or contact us and we can give you a breakdown of more detailed stats about pages and current traffic.

Local Business Directory Listing

Here to help owner drivers and small courier businesses get an extra place on the internet where their business details can be found.

Our couriers-only local business directory is now live.

Add your business to the simple couriers-only directory and get found by people searching for couriers in your town or county.

What’s great about our directory is that we only allow ONE company to be listed for each town, city or county, meaning that your business won’t get lost in a list of companies, you will have NO COMPETITION.

  • When you book a page, it’s yours until your agreement ends or you cancel.
  • Nobody else will be featured on your page. Whichever town or city you choose, is yours.
  • You can only book your nearest town, city or county – this means people from other areas can’t take enquiries from your local area.
  • First come, first served. If your local town is available, you can book it. If it’s already taken, we’ll try to get you on the nearest available location.

Couriers-Only Directory

Get found more on search engines like Google by local customers looking for delivery services
£ 24
Per Year (billed annually)
  • 1 Standard Directory Listing
  • Feature details about your bsuiness including to your website (no follow) and telephone number
  • Referral listing on main directory page​

Brand Listing

Get your business in front of thousands of monthly viewers by joining the UK’s leading courier support platform.

Delivery drivers and courier company owners come to CTV looking for information, advice and access to the tools that can help their businesses grow. That means they’re probably looking for your products and services.

Take a look at this listing DHL which is one of our current brand pages

Brand Time

Hop onboard the UK's leading support platform and promote your business in front of your target audience
£ 25
Per Month (Billed Annually)
  • 1 Standard Brand Profile Listing
  • Link to your site (no follow)
  • Referral listing on relevant category page​
  • Add 1 Press Release or Blog Post to our news feed every other month

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great option for a simple, affordable way to get your brand identity infront of our visitors. Our basic ‘Level One’ package is subject to having other advertising placed around it, whilst the higher Level 2 & 3 packages are dedicated to you.

Take a look at Smart LM as an example Landing Page

Ready For Landing

A dedicated page for your brand styles as closely as we can to your request, to direct viewers to your business.
£ 75
Per Month (Billed Quarterly)
  • 1 Standard Landing Page
  • Link to your site (no follow)
  • Referral block on relevant category page​ linking to your landing page
  • Removal of 3rd party promotions (Amazon, Google etc) from Landing Page
  • Monthly mention on our Social Channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn)
  • Add 1 Press Release or Blog Post to our News feed per month

Site Sponsorship

There is only one Site Sponsor advertising slot available at any time. They get a graphic banner on the footer of every page of the site, a landing page, an option to list something each month on our ‘Offers’ page and more.

Optimised Prime

See your brand get pride of place across the Couriers TV site. Only 1 sponsor slot available per month
£ 1800
Per Year
  • 1 Standard Landing Page
  • Link to your site (no follow)
  • Removal of 3rd party promotions (Amazon, Google etc) from Landing Page
  • 6x AD-Blocks on high-traffic pages of your choice (worth £360)
  • Banner Block on every CTV Footer
  • Regular mentions or reposts on our Social Channels (Facebook, Twitter / X, Instagram and LinkedIn)
  • Add up to 2 Press Release or Blog Posts to our News feed per month

Video Sponsorship

Video is the big hitter right now. Whilst our YouTube channel is still young and has a long way to grow, we believe that our videos will still reach a sizeable audience through YouTube visits and direct viewers on Couriers TV.

Video Helped The Business Star

Your brand mentioned in our videos, links from YouTube and more
£ 500
Per Video
  • Includes a 12 month Brand Listing (worth £300)
  • Link from Brand Listing to your site (no follow)
  • Link from YouTube video page to your site
  • Removal of 3rd party promotions (Amazon, Google etc)
  • Mention on 3 Social Channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn)​

Advertising enquiry form

We reserve the right to change these advertising prices at any time without prior notice.
Pre-paid bookings will be honoured at the price agreed at the time for the length of agreement purchased.