Fuel Cards

Fuel is one of a courier’s biggest overheads. A good card can save you time and money.

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Introduction: What is a Fuel Card?

A fuel card is an alternative payment for drivers that allows you to track spend, limit usage and file expenses more efficiently.

It can also help you manage your business vehicles’ fuel costs. No matter how many vehicles you have in your fleet, there are many benefits to managing your costs this way.

Fuel cards work by allowing drivers to fill up their vehicle at a petrol station within a partner network and receive a discount on the price shown.

The driver simply presents the card to the cashier, and generally pin protected, the company is billed directly and the employee can collect a receipt as proof of purchase.

You have the option to get a fuel card that is locked to 3p BELOW pump prices and always save a set amount of money. Or you can opt for a card that has a variable price. These typically offer greater discounts, although on rare occasions the savings may decrease due to wholesale price fluctuations.

UK Diesel Price Report - March 2023

Average Pump Price for Diesel: 165.5 pence per litre (source: The AA)

Savings Guide

Pump-Price Option Savings Guide

This table displays the difference between standard forecourt prices and what you would pay based on a pump-price account, showing how the discounts could add up with regular use.


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Fixed Price Option Savings Guide

This table compares the UK's average pump price for diesel against the MAXIMUM discount available on a FIXED PRICE Fuel Card option. **Please note - Fixed price accounts will vary in the amount of discount you can achieve and not everyone will get the maximum 10p per litre example shown here. This data shows a 'best case scenario' and there is no guarantee you will always receive this level of discount**


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Example fuel card from UK Fuels

With fuel prices at an all-time high, there has never been a better moment to get a fuel card.
Save at least 3p per litre on diesel with fuel cards tailored for your courier business.

  • Save a minimum of 3p per litre (pump pricing option)
  • Save up to a maximum of 10p per litre (fixed pricing option)
  • Improve Cashflow
  • Access thousands of filling stations and supermarkets around the UK
UK Fuels Card in a persons hand by a vehicle

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Cashflow is king, and fuel cards can allow you to offset your costs and often reduce the price you pay compared to regular pump prices

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