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Transport and Logistics Industry Surveys, Statistics and Data

It’s important to know where you’ve been, to really know where you’re going. But maybe that’s what Sat Navs are for.

In the meantime we’ve decided to track things like fuel prices and load volumes so that we can be sure if things are getting better or worse for the people that rely on regular work and knowing how much fuel is going to cost each week.

We know that drivers can’t afford to spend a lot of time researching this information, so we did the work to find and present the data in the simplest way possible.

We hope this helps!

Profit Margin Tracker 2023

The good old days of diesel prices being around £1/litre have long gone. 2022 handed transport companies a serious blow when prices rocketed towards £2/litre at one stage and we’ve never really seen it fall far from it since.

With that in mind, we’ve created this chart to track fuel price changes throughout the year, and to see if driver rates follow the same trend.

In theory, whenever fuel goes up, driver rates should go up too. But that doesn’t always seem to run true. We know from experience that some larger courier companies don’t pass the increases on to their customers – mean drivers are left to deal with it.

The simple way to understand this chart is;

  • If the fuel price line goes UP, and the TEG rates line goes DOWN, then we’ve got a problem.
  • If the fuel price line goes down and TEG line UP, then all is GOOD.


We’ve used the AA’s average UK diesel price reports to show the path of retail price rises throughout the year.

If you want to make an effort to save money on Diesel – we have now become an authorised partner for UK Fuels . From 2023 we will be updating prices direct from one of the UK’s leading fuel card operators.

Diesel Prices vs CX Load Rates

Showing the correlation between Average Diesel prices per month (AA Reported supermarket prices vs Fuel Cards) and the TEG courier rates report.

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Load Levels 2021 (2023 Coming Soon)

Through 2021 we made an incredible effort to log numbers from the main work websites that we use so that we could have a clear picture of the industry and report back on what’s really going on out there. This report makes interesting reading and doesn’t really follow the trends that you might expect.

We believe that the main reason for the way that load levels were stronger in the summer last year is down to the ‘truck driver shortage’ which meant that van-driver couriers were taking up the slack. There are still some signs that this is continuing.

December is odd in the fact that, if you remove the week AFTER Christmas day, the average levels are amazing. But that final week of the year drags the numbers down significantly.

The data was gathered by using these details on CX;
– Collection location: B1
– Radius: 300 miles
– Van range: small-luton
– load listing time: Day
– All loads (inc sold)
– Load type: all

It’s not perfect, but it gives a good overall reference point, and by doing the same every day it’s easy to see if the numbers go up or down.

Work Exchange Service Load Levels

Average number of loads listed per month

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Couriers TV's Growth

We don’t know if you’re that interested in how we’re doing, but we wanted to share this because it makes us proud.

Throughout 2021 we saw a steady climb in the numbers of people following and joining with us on all our social media channels. We will add 2022 data at the end of each quarter, but we’ve already noticed a rapid spike in new followers and numbers are up significantly.

Couriers TV Social Channel Growth

Number of followers on each social platform

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