Surveys of Opinions within the Transport Industry

The best way to find out how people really feel about anything in life, is to ask them. So that’s what we decided to do. We set up surveys to ask fellow delivery professionals exactly what they think and how they feel about their careers in transport. Then we took that information and created a web page from it.

Question 01

The first question from our survey

Transport Statistics

It’s important to know where you’ve been to really know where you’re going. But that’s what Sat Navs are for. In the meantime we’ve decided to track things like fuel prices and load volumes so that we can be sure if things are getting better or worse.

Fuel Prices 2021

Fuel prices decreased in 2020 due to a drop in requirement with so many people staying home through the pandemic.

Load Levels 2021

We’re tracking the main courier work websites so that it gives people a clearer idea of exactly what levels of work are available and in which direction the industry is heading.

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