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Kit out your business with courier essentials including: Safety Gear | Handling Equipment | Van Maintenance

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Kit yourself and your business out with safety clothing, handling equipment and more

We created the supply store as a way to share the best products and the biggest discounts we can find on everything a courier needs from sat navs to straps, trolleys, safety gear and so much more! Because let’s face it, everyone like’s getting a good deal. We work with selected partners and search online retailers to find great deals on items that can help your courier business.

Every courier needs the right equipment. Without it, not only will your working day be more difficult, but in some cases you may not even be allowed in to the places you need access to.

Hi-Viz clothing, safety boots and trolleys are just a few of the fundamental basic items we recommend you should own, so we’ve researched a few options for you to take a loot at.

Grip Gloves

The goods you’ll be loading and unloading can be slippy and difficult to handle at times, as well as sometimes being dangerous (metals etc). So having a pair of grippy gloves available makes the job so much easier. It’s more a case of ‘why not?’ as opposed to ‘why?’

Hi-Viz Clothing and Workwear

We all learn from an early age – ‘Be safe, be seen’. So make sure that you have plenty of high-visibility clothing with you. It’s for your safety and also you won’t get loaded if you’ve not got at least a hi-viz vest.

Safety Boots & Shoes

Read the signs at most warehouses and commercial premises and the two most common requirements are safety shoes and hi-viz. That’s often because fork-lift trucks operate and they need to be able to see you and make sure that if they run over your feet, they have less chance of crushing your toes. Good safety shoes are well worth the investment.

Hard Hats, Safety Glasses & First Aid

Many commercial sites have strict rules for delivery drivers, and if you don’t have the right kit, you’re not getting loaded. So for just a few pounds, and very little weight compromise, why not make sure you have all the gear you need to do the job?

Ratchet Straps and Pallet Pullers

Strap that load down!! No matter what it is you’re carrying, you should always make sure the goods are secure in transit. Anything can happen and loads often find a way to move around, which is when the damage happens. Why risk an insurance claim when you can just invest in ratchet straps from the start?

Sack Trucks & Trolleys

There is a lot of lifting involved in courier work. So make it easy on yourself and invest in a decent sack-truck so that you only need to lift from the van to your trolley instead of carrying all the way to the customers premises.

Sack Trucks & Trolleys
Didn’t a band once sing something like “We don’t know where we’re going, but we sure know where we’ve been”. Well that’s because they didn’t have a good sat nav to tell them the directions. Don’t make the same mistake. These days Sat Navs are affordable and easy to use.
Packaging, Wrapping and Despatch Supplies

Couriers don’t just deliver goods, sometimes we’re even asked to package and prepare them for shipping. So kit yourself out with essential gear to  be ready when a customers asks you to ‘wrap the pallet’, or for when you might need to re-package goods that have been damaged accidentally.

Van Maintenance and Accessories

Your vehicle is the most essential piece of equipment for a courier company. So you need to make sure it’s in the best working order at all times. Keep it clean and well maintained and the money you invest will ensure your vehicle looks and runs better for longer.

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All the gear, no idea?

If you’re starting out as a courier then you’ll need most of the equipment we’ve listed above. But don’t just rush out and buy everything if you don’t know what you’re doing. Why not read our guide to being a successful courier.

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