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Essential resources for delivery professionals.

Learn More, Earn More, Become a Better Courier.

Here at CTV we are constantly researching what it takes for modern couriers to create a successful business in such a demanding industry.

Our aim is to help you find the tools that can maximise your potential and your profit.

We used our years of knowledge and experience to collate expert information that saves you time.

Both new and established businesses, no matter whether you’re a sole-trader or limited company, can always learn something new in such a vast industry. The more you learn, the better your chance to improve and earn more money.

Free to Access Information

The best part of CTV is that all the essential information and advice you need is free to access. We have an FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) section, and you can even contact us through our enquiry form.

We’re able to keep so much of the site free due to our fantastic partners that help cover our costs. That way we don’t have to charge the people that need our services the most.

We also make sure that the companies we work with are relevant to transport businesses and can provide all viewers with goods and services that can improve their businesses. So make sure to take a good look around!

We're Keyworkers

Take a look around, because a delivery provider won’t be far away. No matter where you live, chances are you will see at least one on a daily basis.

From the trucks catering for pallet distribution to the parcel carriers in their vans and the bicycle-riders carrying meals and packages as part of the new ‘gig-economy’.

We’re all part of a constantly mobile network keeping goods moving. A point made even more relevant during a pandemic. When the world comes to a halt, it’s logistics professionals that continue to connect the dots of industry.

Support for New and Prospective Drivers

Thousands of new drivers start out every year and for those coming into the express logistics industry with no experience it can be a daunting place to figure out on your own.

We analyse and review services such as the courier exchange and many other delivery work apps and transport planning software. Plus we look at which vehicles are right for different types of work, as well as discussing the Do’s and Don’ts of the industry to help smooth the process.

Bringing Delivery & Logistics Professionals Together

We wanted to create a place for those individuals and companies to find industry-specific information. Somewhere to extend their knowledge and skill sets, share their thoughts and opinions and promote themselves.

Why? Because it doesn’t matter whether you run a large nationwide company with hundreds of vehicles covering every corner of the country, or you’re an individual ‘lifestyle’ operator serving your local towns and cities – there is always something new to learn in such a vast industry.

Pro-tips to help improve and expand your business

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in transport for 10 years, we believe delivery drivers can always learn something new. By discussing our experiences with other professionals, we can learn more about the industry, faster.

There are always going to be questions about where to get the most competitive hire and reward insurance, which routes are best to take or where you can get cheaper fuel. That’s why we’ve created CTV as a way to help each other.

Connected to the best in the business

We’ve created a hub that enables anyone from drivers to logistics managers to ask questions and find answers that improve the way we all operate. And what better way to do that, than working with the very best companies that provide ALL the services transport professionals use?

From Fuel Cards to Business Banking, Van Insurance to Delivery Vehicles – we know what’s required and we connect with organisations that can support your business so that their message can reach you.

Access business banking, invoice finance facilities, credit checking and insurance

Transport and Logistics software including: SmartLM, Transport Angel and XY Locate

Plus we connect drivers to companies using our sub-contractor registration form, run surveys, review products and share the latest news!

Here's what else Couriers TV has to offer

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News & Articles

We find out what's happening in the transport industry that might affect your business. Get the latest headlines on driving regulations, congestion zones and emissions rules as well as business deals, partnerships and announcements.

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Local Business Directory

List your delivery business with no competition from other couriers in your town or city and get more opportunities for your small business.

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Networking Groups

Join our brand new groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, start networking with fellow professionals, ask questions and share loads

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Competitions (Coming Soon)

An opportunity to win prizes supplied by our partners, and have a bit of fun whilst doing so. Because why not?

TV = Transport Videos. Watch our YouTube Channel

Everyone knows that TV is an abbreviation of ‘Television’, but around here it’s short for ‘Transport Videos’.

Our biggest mission right now is to create video content to help our visitors with hints and tips on ways to expand and improve their businesses. Industry facts, product reviews and the latest news all help to entertain and inform. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel

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In 2019 the transport industry was
worth approx. £21Bn to UK economy
(Jan 2020)


Over 1/4 million people
employed in sector
(Jan 2020)


Estimated to be more than
30,000 couriers in UK
(Jan 2020: Source ChatGPT)

So what are you waiting for?

Dive into the wealth of information within our vast resources and see what you can find to support your business today.