Welcome to Couriers TV

Do you realise how important couriers are to UK economy? Well take a look around, because one won’t be far away. No matter where you live, the chances are you will see at least one courier on a daily basis.

From the pallet-filled trucks and parcel carriers in their vans, to the takeaway-carrying cyclists, a huge number of couriers operate in the UK.

We wanted to create a place for those individuals and companies to find information, extend their knowledge and skill sets, share their thoughts and opinions and promote themselves.

Why? Because it doesn’t matter whether you are a huge nationwide delivery company with hundreds of vehicles covering every corner of the country, or an individual ‘lifestyle’ courier around the streets of your local towns and cities, there is always something new to learn in such a vast industry.

Made BY Couriers, FOR Couriers

The people behind this website are couriers too. We’ve been providing delivery services for over 5 years now and we love every single day, facing new challenges and visiting new places, so this website isn’t just about business, we want it to be something we enjoy putting our time into.

If you are coming into the express logistics industry with no experience, then it can be a daunting place to figure out on your own, so we’ve created Couriers TV as a way to help each other.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been delivering for 10 years, we believe drivers can always learn something new by sharing their experiences.

So please, take a look around and if you want to discuss anything, please feel free to contact us.