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"The transport industry is huge, and it can sometimes be difficult to find all the information you need. I created Couriers TV to change that."
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Couriers are vital to the UK economy.

Take a look around, because one won’t be far away. No matter where you live, chances are you will see at least one courier on a daily basis. From the trucks catering for pallet distribution to the parcel carriers in their vans. Even the takeaway-carrying cyclists of the ‘gig-economy’. We’re all part of the network that joins the dots and keeping goods moving.

Both new and established courier businesses can always learn something new in such a vast industry. Here at Couriers TV we are constantly researching what is required to operate a modern courier business. Our aim is to help you find the tools that can help you maximise your potential and your profit.

> 10000
Estimated to be more than 21,000 couriers in UK

Bringing Delivery & Logistics Professionals Together

We wanted to create a place for those individuals and companies to find industry-specific information. Somewhere to extend their knowledge and skill sets, share their thoughts and opinions and promote themselves.

Why? Because it doesn’t matter whether you run a large nationwide company with hundreds of vehicles covering every corner of the country, or you’re an individual ‘lifestyle’ courier serving your local towns and cities – there is always something new to learn in such a vast industry.

Over 1/4 million people employed in sector

Guidance and Information for New Couriers

Thousands of new couriers start out every year and for those coming into the express logistics industry with no experience it can be a daunting place to figure out on your own.

We analyse and review services such as the courier exchange and many other courier work websites and transport planning software. Plus we look at what delivery vehicles are right for different types of work as well as discussing the Do’s and Don’ts of the industry to help smooth the process.

£ 20000000000
In 2019 the transport industry was worth an estimated £21 Billion to the UK economy

Pro-tips to help improve and expand your business

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been delivering for 10 years, we believe delivery drivers can always learn something new. By discussing our experiences with other professionals, we can learn more about the industry, faster.

There are always going to be questions about where to get the best courier insurance, which routes are best to take or where you can get cheaper fuel. That’s why we’ve created Couriers TV as a way to help each other.

Couriers TV – Resources for Delivery Professionals

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Industry News & Articles

We find out what's happening that might affect couriers, such as changes in driving regulations, congestion zones and emissions rules.

Business Directory

List your courier business with no competition in your local area and get more opportunities for your small business on Google.


From vans to phones to ratchet straps, there is a lot of equipment required to be a professional courier. We review it to find the best.


Join our brand new courier group on LinkedIn and start networking with fellow professionals, ask questions and share loads

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