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Vans are essential for most types of courier work. Take a look at the options available with our selected partners.

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Looking for a commercial vehicle? Let Couriers TV help.

If you’re becoming a courier, a van is often the best choice, but they’re not cheap. You can buy whatever you want, but if sub-contracting then most companies usually requires a vehicle in good condition, less than 5 years old. This means considering new or nearly new vehicles, which can lead to high initial costs. We’ve compiled helpful information and directed you to companies with relevant deals. If you’re not sure what van will be right for you, check out our guide to delivery vehicles.

Top 10 Van Sales, Leasing and Hire Companies

New for 2024! We’re compiling a list of 10 leading options that you we think you should try out when you need a van. No matter which option you want – why not get advice from each service provider so that you can make an informed decision?

New & Used Vans For Sale

Buy A Van

Buying a new or secondhand commercial vehicle

Own your van from the start and take control

If you want a brand new van, then this is the most expensive option as a new van could set you back over £25,000 (or more).

On the plus-side, it gives you the most flexibility. It’s your van, you can do with it as you please – sign write it, paint it, stick alloy wheels on it – whatever!

The downside is that if you have any problems, you have to pay for all repairs and maintenance.

Van Leasing

Pay in instalments with various options to suit your budget

A great way to get a van without having to find thousands of pounds to buy outright, is to LEASE.

Thanks to our brand new partnership with Concept Vehicle Leasing, CTV visitors can now access fantastic deals on new vans. Check back soon for more information.

Van Hire

Commercial Vehicle Hire

Take a vehicle on hire and hand it back later

We really see this as a short-term solution. Hiring commercial vehicles can be more costly in some circumstances than actually buying or leasing, but if you need a vehicle urgently then it might be a great solution.

This might be the best choice if you need to take another driver on to cover a fixed-length contract, but be wary of hidden costs over damage when returning vehicles.

Got the van?
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Enquire about vehicle sales and hire options.

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Buying a van can be a huge expense, and if you need to borrow money to afford it make sure to get the right advice. You can find good information via the Governments Finance Support page