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Which Delivery Work Exchange Services Are Worth Using?

Save your time and money. We test, review and sort the good from the bad.

Looking for more courier work?

You’ve probably already searched the internet and found lots of websites that promise “100s of loads available every day”, and that you can “find work immediately” if you become a member.

Can you trust them? Which sites really are the best ones to join?

That’s a question I asked myself over and over when I first started out. I was new to the industry and was looking for the best way to find extra work so that I could start paying the bills.

It’s hard to trust any paid service when you have no guarantees what kind of return you will get for your membership fee.

Some of the subscription fees can be relatively huge and to new owner-drivers, and if you’ve just bought a van, insurance, equipment etc. you will probably be watching every penny you spend until you start to see your own invoices being paid.

That’s when I had the idea that, as I’ve already tried MOST of the main websites myself, I had enough information to give some fair advice about which sites are worth joining, and what you can realistically expect once you’re on there.

Top 10 Rankings by Real Users

Every year we refresh our list of top services to make sure our information keeps pace with updates from the creators of each platform.

There will be labels on each of the main product pages that show you when the last review took place.

We also make sure that all our reviews are done by real users (either current or previously used) so that we know what we’re telling our visitors comes from experience, not sales-speak from the companies themselves.

The Courier Exchange (CX), Same Day Courier Network (SDCN) and others are following soon – make sure to visit regularly for updates.

Welcome to our new and improved Top 10 ranking system we’re running in many categories throughout the CTV website. You’ll see our new Top 10 logo, and products and services will move up and down as we constantly review and report on changes.

Look out for our ‘Recommended’ label too. Those are the reserved for products and services that we consider stand-out leaders in their class. 

The Winners

The long-time leader for extra courier work


The Courier Exchange is the one site you will hear other drivers talk about, commonly referred to as ‘CX’. It’s used by many large Hauliers, courier companies and freight forwarders to sub out their work, meaning it offers the most potential to owner-drivers.

The downside of that is the increased competition for work, and the higher subscription fee compared to other providers.

Promising competitor 2023


This is one app that is making waves in this marketplace. It’s essentially a gig style set up. Much like an Uber or Deliveroo. Simple to use – just accept the job you want, do it, get paid. Easy as that. Needs more work but then almost all these services do.

DeliveryApp Logo

The best alternative option so far


Currently the best alternative to CX as an exchange platform between peers. Work levels are increasing and the subscription fee is easily affordable for anyone, whether you’re starting out or a veteran. Simple to use system and new features added regularly.

screenshots of sameday courier network SDCN

4 - Courier Expert

Not exactly a load exchange. Opportunities, but be careful


This one gave us a bit of a headache as how to score it. It’s not specifically a work ‘exchange’ platform. It’s basically just a single transport company that uses a sub-contractor subscription service to get its delivery work covered. So you CAN get extra work, but it doesn’t offer the opportunity for you to network with other companies or sell your own excess loads like SDCN or CX do.

New Review Scheduled for Late 2024

Courier expert logo large

5 - Load Dashboard by HBC Logistics

Plenty of potential and access to larger commercial loads


The Load Dashboard from HBC is brand new and as such you need to expect that currently there are not thousands of loads available. But give it time, because we expect this one to grow rapidly. It’s a well built and simple system and is connected to many of the big players that use CX, so we’re expecting loads will start to appear here as people move to a more affordable solution.

New Review Expected 2024

A company logo with the letters SLM that stand for Smart Logistics Manager

6 - Gophr

Another of the new-age gig economy apps. Nice idea, needs more loads

Gophr is starting to make a name for itself in the UK now that it has finally expanded out of London. This is very much a gig-economy style service where they notify drivers through the app and you can take or leave the work if you want. We have not had enough experience of this platform yet so full review will follow soon.

Read More About Gophr (full review coming soon)

Gophr Courier Delivery Service Logo

7 - Amazon Flex

The mighty Amazon. Everyone has an idea of what this is all about.


Amazon Flex has to be one of the most well-known gig services currently available. It’s available in most areas of the UK now and often has loads (or routes) available, although due to the nature of it there are lots of competing drivers. It’s open to cars as well as commercial vehicles, so you’re not likely to earn amazing rates. Full review arriving soon.

Read More About Amazon Flex (full review coming soon)

Amazon Flex Delivery Service Logo

8 - Shiply

Another former great now relatively unknown

Shiply was once a big player due to its ability to draw interest from Ebay. Drivers earning power often low and would only ever use it for backloads. Free to use. New review coming soon.

New Review Expected Later in 2024

Shiply Logo

9 - Anyvan

Multiple rebrands and revamps later, still not amazing


Anyvan has changed its focus numerous times. We don’t even know any more what they specialise in. Is it Pro? Is it Business? Who can tell? We haven’t reviewed this in a while due to all the changes.

New Review Expected Later in 2024

anyvan pro sample images

10 - Return Loads

The mighty has fallen. Previously competed with CX but now only for HGVs


Please Note – Only for 7.5 tonne Vehicles and larger (HGVs). When I started out in 2012, this was seen as a real competitor to CX, but the vast majority of loads now are for 7.5 tonne vehicles and up. Seems to have regular work available for anyone with that kind of capacity. Cheaper than CX, but more expensive than SDCN.

Read More About Return Loads (full review coming soon)

Return Loads Logo sample

Now give us your opinion

We’ve been doing our best to review as many services as we can over the last 5 years. But the best way for us to share valid opinions and feedback on these services is for us to gather as many as possible from other real users.

So it’s over to you! What do you think of any of these services? Or do you know of one we’ve missed? Use our contact form and select ‘My Opinions on Delivery Work Apps’ – then just fill out the message box with your feedback.

All comments will be anonymous if we use them, so you don’t need to worry about any repercussions. Where possible please provide evidence that you were a real user (such as a member number) so that we can be sure your review is genuine before we use any of the details.

The Other Apps To Consider

Stuart Courier Service Logo

11 - Stuart

A relatively unknown quantity in the UK outside of major cities


Stuart, from what we’re told, is similar to platforms like Gophr and Deliveroo, and we believe it’s mostly used so far for food and small item deliveries. We’re looking to investigate this more in 2023 and should have a full review soon.

Read More About Stuart (full review coming soon)

Deliveroo Logo

12 - Deliveroo

Well known for food delivery, but what else?

Everyone knows Deliveroo, don’t they? Known for food deliveries, more specifically in town and city centres. They may deliver other items but I can’t confirm at this time. Perfect if you like cycling or have a scooter.

Read More About Deliveroo (full review coming soon)

A circle containing the words "Image Coming Soon"

13 - Delivery Quote Compare

Once showed promise, but unlikely to ever deliver (see what we did there?)


Delivery Quote Compare is just another of the Anyvan / Shiply style sites that gets user to list their eBay items looking for the lowest bids from delivery service providers. Don’t bother wasting your time. Epitome of the ‘race to the bottom’ price war.

Read More About Delivery Quote Compare (review expected late 2023)

MTVan Logo Large

14 - MT Van

How is this site still going?!


We’ve had reports from users that this site is basically dead and buried now. Seems like none of the admin team are responding to emails and hardly anything ever gets posted on there. This had a lot of potential but if the owners can’t be bothered, then why should you?

Courier Compare Network Logo

15 - Courier Compare

Ridiculous membership fees and zero work.


Not a lot to tell as from what we’ve experienced, there has been no work. Focus seems to be on member benefits. But the member fee on certain membership packages is huge. Read the full review here.

Freight Alerts Logo Large

16 - Freight Alerts

Ridiculous membership fees and zero work.


The loads on here are again more of the Shiply and Anyvan variety, despite the site trying to market itself more towards the CX. Falls far short. Paid for service.

Rating from 2013. No recent review and none expected

Shed 5 logo large

17 - Shed 5

Might have been something 10 years ago but didn't keep up


Used to be a cult-site that had a small number of members who seemed to share things between each other, but if you didn’t know the secret handshake you didn’t get anything. Now closed.

No review - service is closed

Loadie Logistics Logo

18 - Loadie

Showed great promise then suddenly all fell apart


It’s looking like Loadie has gone to the great website in the sky. No sign of recent maintenance or any effort to resurrect it. We’ve tried to contact them but no response. Absolute waste of an opportunity.


Any services we have listed in the danger zone are there for a reason – because either we’ve had experience of them ourselves, or other people have reported issues with them. They show all the signs of being scams. High membership fees, no refunds, difficult to contact, hidden addresses. Proceed with caution on any of these services.

A circle containing the words "Image Coming Soon"

19 - Courier Market

Use this at your own risk. Multiple reports of possible scam site.


Be VERY careful with this one. We have had numerous reports of this being a possible scam, with a ridiculous £250+ joining fee, fake loads and no refunds. We can’t find any legitimate information about the company, never answer the phone and seems to be run from a forwarding address in Birmingham. Shows all the warning signs.

Courier Market contacted us to request this information be removed and we offered them a chance to prove us wrong and let us see their platform in action. They didn’t respond.

No review of Courier Market due to owners

Our Top 10 apps/websites are based on those we believe are most likely to provide you with extra delivery work and offer the best return on investment (ROI). The ratings are based on a matter of opinion and may not reflect your own experience. CTV does not accept responsibility for any issues that may arise as a result of your decisions to use any of the platforms featured on this site.