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Unsure what prices you should be charging for subby work? Our Pence-Per-Mile rates guide is here to help

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Introduction: Sub-Contracting PPM Rates Estimator

We know from our own experiences that bidding on work exchange services like CX, SDCN etc. can be a bit hit-and-miss.

We all want more work, but it can be hard bidding on jobs and constantly losing out. Sometimes you might not even know why you’re not winning the work. Is your bid way too high? Or even too low?

If you know roughly what prices the selling company is willing to pay, you might stand a better chance of winning the work.

Some important facts to remember
  1. We’ve created this guide based on our own personal experiences of bidding on / winning / selling work across multiple sources:
    Courier Exchange, Same Day Courier Network, DeliveryApp – as well as companies we have worked directly with, and subby information supplied through our forms and surveys.
  2. These numbers are Pence Per Loaded Mile (PPLM aka PPM) – based on journeys of more than 30 miles.
  3. We have not included minimum charge data. You should set your own minimum charge and radius, then use the PPLM as a guide for routes that require running outside that area.
  4. It’s just a guide. You DO NOT have to follow it. We’re just supplying aggregated data from current market trends in case it can help you.
  5. Remember that rates fluctuate based on location and times of year. If you’re in a major city, at Christmas, you can usually increase your prices. While rural areas, or quieter times of year may see prices drop. Learn to adapt to the situation.
  6. If you’re getting better rates than you see here, that’s great news! 

Pence Per Loaded Mile (PPLM) Rates Guide For Sub-Contract Delivery Work - Q3 2023

A rough guide of prices when sub-contracting on most major work-exchange services.


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