The Foundations

concrete foundations

Before you ask, ‘The Foundations’ isn’t the name of some dreadful pop band from the 90s. Well, it might be, but I’ve never heard of them. To me it’s just a blog post title, one that signals the very beginning of what I hope will eventually become something worthwhile.

I’ve always tried my best in life, no matter what it is that I’ve done. That’s something that I picked up from my parents, particularly my dad, as when I was a child I would see him repairing cars and the attention to detail he put into everything he did was nothing short of incredible, and it all starts with the foundations.

Start off on the right foot and you have a good chance of getting the right result. And that’s what I wanted when I created Couriers.TV

I’ve had the vision behind this project rattling around in the back of my mind for quite some time, but something kept telling me “don’t rush it, it will all happen when you’re ready”, and I think that time is now.

I have been a courier for the last 4 years and was a designer-of-sorts for many years before that. I say ‘of sorts’ because I was never one of those proper designers who sat in a studio looking at their mega-expensive Apple Mac working on one project at a time.

Brick by brick is how you build on your foundations

After working in newspapers and magazines for most of my career, I then had a short spell in web design towards the end. But it was the blend of those two lives that brought me here.

I want Couriers.TV to be a window into the world of express courier delivery services, because I’m fascinated at how almost every single thing around us gets to where it needs to be by efforts of the transport industry, and I also want the window that provides that insight to look good.

It’s early November 2016 as I write this and I hope to fully launch this website in the first quarter of 2017.

It might fail, it might be a success, only time will really tell, but the truth is I’ve put the hard work in and I don’t intend to stop now, so it you’re reading this many months from now, please drop me a message to say what you think of this website – it might just be the pat on the back I need (or maybe the honest truth telling me to close it?… but I hope not).

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