child reaching to push a button

It’s Almost Time To Push The Button


That’s right. After months of hard work it’s almost time to hit the launch button on the Couriers TV project. Right now we’re 80% excited, 20% nervous, but those figures could change at any moment.

Luckily the check sheet of jobs to do is being ticked off quickly now and there are just a couple of big items left to sort out. But here are some of the things we’ve achieved since the last update.

The directory is effectively working and is in the process of being populated with data. There are some little bits of fine tuning required, but we expect that to be the case for most of ‘year one’, because we believe that the amount of data being processed will constantly through the occasional curve-ball.

We’ve started testing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) so that it speeds up the way this site is delivered to mobile visitors. Whilst the site is designed to be responsive anyway (it scales to fit all devices), we know that AMP is still considerably faster for most mobile visitors and aim to offer the best of both worlds.

We’ve installed software to assist with placing affiliate links into the content, both to aid our advertisers and ourselves with SEO.

And finally, behind the scenes we have been busy contacting and speaking to possible site sponsors and launch partners. Whilst we have some potential advertisers interested in booking landing pages and directory pages, we’re still looking for that one particular company that is willing to make a BIG statement and go on our homepage ready for when we start to market Couriers TV properly.

If you think it might be of interest to you, please use our contact form until our phone number is ready.