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Welcome to Couriers TV’s latest digital newsletter

We’ve made it to July and been off-radar for quite a lot of 2023 so far, but that’s mostly down to how much has been going on behind the scenes. In March/April we had a full redesign of our insurance section and created some all singing, all dancing landing pages for our advertisers.

We’ve also been working on a whole new look for the site and we’ve trimmed down/re-assigned some pages (work is still ongoing with the directory too). We hope to have everything done by the time the industry slows in late July for the summer break.

Anyway let’s get back to what you’re really here for – the Courier News! Who’s done what lately?

This Month’s Headlines

  • Today Team Acquires Speedy Courier Services Ltd
  • Delsol celebrates 20 years
  • Welcome to We Care Communications
  • Insurance
  • Want more work? There are deals out there, all you need to do is look
  • Fuel Cards
  • Share Your News
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Today Team acquires Speedy Courier Services Ltd

Power-moves are going on in the North West right now as Today Team, based in Warrington, have acquired local Leigh-based competitor Speedy Courier Services Ltd.

Delsol celebrates 20 years

Just down the road and over the border into North Wales, well known Delsol have hit their 20 year anniversary. That’s a great achievement in such a competitive industry.

New advertisers bring new opportunities

We care communications logo

This month we welcome onboard We Care Communications – providers of affordable mobile devices that are perfect for couriers.

As modern delivery service providers, we’re expected to be operate smartphones as more and more services turn to app-based data logging for deliveries. DPD franchisees will know this better than most as they’re phasing out the company’s bespoke devices and everything now happens through the app.

Insurance is essential, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

A teacher of mine once told me that “you should never expect someone else to do something you’re not prepared to do yourself”.

That’s why we work with leading courier insurance brokers and companies that we’ve used ourselves. We know for a fact that they can offer some of the best prices on van insurance, goods-in-transit and public liability cover.

Want more work? Great opportunities ahead from July onwards.

Have you been considering joining one of the delivery work apps, but have been holding off because you’re still not sure of what you’ll get? Well we’re rapidly heading towards the time of year where you will reach peak earning potential.

The autumn season (Oct-Dec) in the run up to Christmas is where many of the web services see massive increases in the amount of work available. Keep a look out for offers to get free trials or discounts on membership at places like SDCN or Courier Exchange.

Fuel Cards

Anyone that works in transport will admit that one thing is true – The less your pay for fuel, the better your chances of turning a decent profit.

Why would you pass up a chance to spend LESS on fuel?

We’re working with UK Fuels to make sure our visitors can access some of the UK’s best fuel cards. We’ve made sure that anyone that applies through our enquiry forms will not be charged yearly admin fees on their accounts, meaning it’s one more weight off your shoulders, and one less unwanted charge in your accounts.

Share Your News

The best way to promote and grow your business is to get people like us to share it. Our user-base is huge. Thousands of visitors come to CTV every month, so if you’re proud of something about your business then why not share it? Get in touch.

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