Today Team Acquires Speedy Courier Services Ltd

Today Team Secures Acquisition of Speedy Courier Services Ltd, Fueling Expansion and Strengthening Industry Presence
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In a remarkable stride forward, Today Team, under the leadership of MD Jamie Boyd, has successfully completed the acquisition of Speedy Courier Services Ltd. This strategic move not only marks a pivotal moment in the company’s journey but also signals an amplified commitment to growth and an even stronger position in the market.

From its humble beginnings as a modest man-and-van courier service, Today Team has flourished under Boyd’s guidance for nearly two decades, solidifying its standing as a multi-million-pound enterprise known for its unwavering dedication and a stellar reputation among a loyal clientele.

Now, with the integration of Speedy Courier Services Ltd into its operations, Today Team embarks on an exciting new chapter of expansion.

Speedy Courier Services Ltd, established ten years ago, mirrors Today Team’s unwavering focus on delivering exceptional same-day courier solutions to an impressive roster of clients. Founder Angela Burnett, seeking a fresh challenge, was captivated by the professionalism and unwavering commitment of Boyd’s team, leading her to initiate the initial discussions that ultimately culminated in this landmark acquisition.

Jamie Boyd, with enthusiasm, acknowledges the tremendous opportunity this acquisition presents, stating, “We were acutely aware of the exceptional quality of Angela’s operation, and as a company poised for growth, it was a truly remarkable opportunity for us. Both businesses have been meticulously built from the ground up by passionate individuals. We share prestigious clients across key industries, operate in the North-West while catering to customers nationwide, and are renowned for our warm and professional service. The compatibility between our companies felt entirely organic.”

While the acquisition of Speedy Courier Services Ltd solidifies Today Team’s position as an industry leader, Boyd emphasizes that it represents just one stride in their ambitious plans for the future.

Eager to explore further opportunities, Boyd affirms, “If the right prospect arises, we will be wholeheartedly ready to seize it.”

Building a substantial business demands meticulous attention to detail and a broad perspective. Recognizing this, Boyd has diligently assembled a highly experienced team that not only shares the company’s vision and values but also fuels Today Team‘s organic growth through unwavering dedication.

The acquisition of Speedy Courier Services Ltd not only expands Today Team’s operational reach and client base but also serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

With the acquisition as a catalyst for their continued success, Boyd and his team stand poised to embrace the future, eagerly seeking new opportunities to further elevate their business to unprecedented heights.

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