Welsh Budget – RHA response

The Welsh Government has announced their Final Budget ahead of the Budget Debate next week (6 March).
An image of a UK dual carriageway with HGV's travelling in both directions in autumn

It includes changes to their Draft Budget which was first published on 19 December.

We (The RHA) have urged the Welsh Government to provide targeted support for the sector to supplement supply chains and the wider economy.

We are pleased that the Welsh Government has increased funding by £25 million for the Climate Change brief, which Transport funding sits within.

However, we are disappointed that additional funding of £66.5 million allocated to projects within the Wales Infrastructure Investment Strategy did not extend to the funding needed for the M4 in Wales, the A55 and the desperately needed third Menai Crossing in North West Wales.

Transporting people and goods is a fundamental building block for the Welsh economy and society. It is the core enabler of all economic activity. The logistics sector delivers in every circumstance including crises because it is flexible, adaptable and operates in a highly competitive market.

We look forward to continuing to work with the Welsh Government to discuss how to improve allocation of funding to benefit road users, and in particular our members who drive the Welsh economy.

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