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Welcome to Couriers TV’s latest digital newsletter

It’s November already!? How on earth has that arrived so soon? There’s even Christmas ads on the TV already and that’s just not right.

At least one thing. We all know it’s earning season. Get out there and get winning some work because there’s going to be lots of it around. If you need access to more work then you probably need a service like CX – more on that below.

This Month’s Headlines

  • Want to join CX? This is when (and how) to do it
  • APC announces financial results
  • The Brand New Compare Page
  • Insurance
  • Want more work? There are deals out there, all you need to do is look
  • Fuel Cards
  • Share Your News

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Want to join CX? This is when (and how to do it)

Let me guess – you’ve been considering joining the Courier Exchange for a long time but probably held off because of the cost?

Well – here’s a pro-tip for the best possible time to join – it’s usually Black Friday week (around the end of November).

The last few years CX have held a membership event where you can get either a slight discount on the price, or an extended term for the same price – either way it means a bit more value for money to you.

The downside is that the event usually has strictly limited availability – so you HAVE to be quick if you want to secure a deal and get onboard.

The best way to make sure you’re 1st in the queue is to use our CX referral link (see the button below).

Once you’ve made your request, a member of the CX team will call you back and explain what opportunities are available this year – and from there it’s up to you to decide if you’re going to grab the chance.

APC announces financial results

The APC (Alternative Parcel Network) has announced its financial results for 22/23 and things are looking good. Read the full article in our courier news feed.

The Brand New Compare Page

This might be more useful to end customers than to the majority of our visitors, but we decided it was high time to shine a light on the industry players so that more people can see “‘”who’s who”.

That’s why we created the new ‘compare‘ page. It’s only got a few of the top tier companies listed so far, but more will follow.

Don’t forget though that if you’re a small business owner and you want to promote your own services on CTV, make sure to get listed on our local business directory. There will be no competition in your town or city – it’s strictly 1 business per location, giving you the best chance to win more work.

Insurance is essential, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

A teacher of mine once told me that “you should never expect someone else to do something you’re not prepared to do yourself”.

That’s why we work with leading courier insurance brokers and companies that we’ve used ourselves. We know for a fact that they can offer some of the best prices on van insurance, goods-in-transit and public liability cover.

UK Fuels Card in a persons hand by a vehicle

Save Money on Diesel with a Fuel Card

Anyone that works in transport will admit that one thing is true – The less your pay for fuel, the better your chances of turning a decent profit.

Why would you pass up a chance to spend LESS on fuel?

We’re working with UK Fuels to make sure our visitors can access some of the UK’s best fuel cards. We’ve made sure that anyone that applies through our enquiry forms will not be charged yearly admin fees on their accounts, meaning it’s one more weight off your shoulders, and one less unwanted charge in your accounts.

Share Your News

The best way to promote and grow your business is to get people like us to share it. Our user-base is huge. Thousands of visitors come to CTV every month, so if you’re proud of something about your business then why not share it? Get in touch.

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