What Equipment Do I Need to Start a Courier Business?

Courier using health and safety approved equipment including a sack truck to deliver boxes

When starting a courier business, there’s going to be some things you need to sort out before starting the business. Along with choosing the right courier vehicle, there’s some other equipment that can help you get your courier business off to the right start.


If you plan to transport large, heavy goods then we recommend making sure you have a reliable sack truck and/or furniture trolley. It’s likely that you’ll serve businesses with a variety of needs so having both types of trolley can be beneficial.

A sack truck can be great if you’re shifting lots of small boxes whereas a furniture trolley is better suited for wider loads. If you know that you will be delivering pallets, then we highly recommend investing in a pallet truck.


Now that we’ve got getting items on and off the van covered, what about keeping them safe during transit? When making your way from A to B, you’re going to want to keep all those goods secure. Imagine you’re delivering 101 mirrors for a hall of mirror business-venture…you  (it could happen, you never know…) probably don’t want to have them sliding around the van every time you take a corner, do you? Ratchet straps, bungee cords and blankets can all be useful in protecting items during transit.


There’s a few other basics that will also come in handy as a courier. Unless you’re a wizard with directions, a Sat Nav will help keep you on the right track. Although your phone or maybe even your vehicle have GPS maps, they often aren’t as intuitive as a good quality Sat Nav.

Choosing the right Sat Nav can help you find the quickest route, avoid traffic, drive more responsibly and even save on fuel. When making numerous drop-offs on one journey, you’ll be thankful for a reliable Sat Nav.


Along with a Sat Nav, you shouldn’t forgo the simple necessities like a pen, clip board and delivery sheet. Not all equipment has to be large or expensive. Keeping track of your drop-offs and having customers sign for deliveries will prove that you are an efficient and trustworthy courier.

Speaking of stationery and delivery sheets, having access to a printer will also be useful. Living in the 21st century, we always try to advocate having an environmentally-friendly courier business. Where possible, make your invoices, pro formas and other documents electronic. However, having access to a printer is perfect for printing off delivery sheets or other documents that you may need physical records of.


Whilst starting your courier business, try not to get carried away and buy too much equipment. Start off by buying the essentials like a sack truck, sat nav and a couple of ratchet straps. Remember, you can always build up your equipment as your company progresses over time.

Most importantly, take note of the things that you can’t buy for your business that will certainly come in handy like having a positive attitude and outstanding customer service. Despite how cheesy it may sound, the level of service you provide for your customers will be far more valuable for your company than any equipment you could buy.

Of course, these are just a few of the basic tools to help you start your courier business. Later, we will also focus on some of the more advanced equipment that will take your business from strength to strength so make sure you’re checking back to stay up to date with the latest Couriers TV Skills.

In the meantime, we also have a post highlighting some of the benefits of ratchet straps, if you really want to delve into some of the tools required to start your courier business.

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