Author: Tasmin Lofthouse

woman courier with clipboard

Who Uses Courier Services and What For?

Courier services offer a faster, personal and more secure alternative to standard mail and postal delivery services. Traditional mail services can often have slow delivery terms. The sender may also incur costs for faster deliveries or to send large or heavy items. It’s here that courier companies can step (or drive…) in and steal the limelight. Offering an improved and

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Become a courier ideas with Couriers TV

How to become a courier driver (and succeed)

Being your own boss sounds like a dream right? If there’s one thing we’ve realised lately it’s that pursuing the self-employed life isn’t actually that risky of a career choice. There are currently 4.56 million self-employed people in the UK. If those 4.56 million people can pursue the dream of being their own boss, we have every confidence that you can do it too.

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Womans hand on insurance forms

What Type of Van Insurance Cover Does a Courier Need?

If you’re planning on starting a courier business, you’re going to need a little bit more than your standard car insurance policy. Whether your van is gathering dust in the garage (we sure hope not!) or zipping up and down the country making drop-offs, it needs to be insured. Which Van Insurance Policy Do I Need? Being a courier driver

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Courier using health and safety approved equipment including a sack truck to deliver boxes

What Equipment Do I Need to Start a Courier Business?

When starting a courier business, there’s going to be some things you need to sort out before starting the business. Along with choosing the right courier vehicle, there’s some other equipment that can help you get your courier business off to the right start. SACK TRUCK AND FURNITURE TROLLEYS If you plan to transport large, heavy goods then we recommend

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large courier delivery van

What Vehicle Do I Need to Start a Courier Business?

Without stating the obvious too much here, if you want to start a courier business you’re going to first need a vehicle. As discussed in our previous post on research to conduct before starting a courier business there are lots of vehicles to choose from. To help you get the most miles out of your transportation, we’ve broken down some

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man doing research with clipboard

What Research Should I Do Before Starting a Courier Services Business?

Before starting any kind of business, including a Courier business, you first need to do your research. To help you on your way to starting a courier services business, here’s some important things you should research first: Once you’ve thoroughly researched all of the above, you’ll be way on your way to starting a successful courier services company! But don’t

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