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The 'Couriers Only' Directory

Web directories have been a big help over the years to list and organise business details on the internet. Who hasn’t used Yelp at some point to find something like a restaurant or a florist?

With Couriers TV, we always believed that a directory would be a good idea as part of our website, but as we’re primarily here for couriers, we wanted ours to be more focused. That’s why we’ve created this manually-edited directory for just one main purpose: For businesses and members of the public to easily find courier service providers near them.

One Approved Courier In Every UK Town and City

The way we’ve tailored our directory, we’re making sure that each town or city can only be covered by one courier. And that courier must be LOCAL. We check things like office addresses and phone numbers to verify each service provider can adequately cover the area they get listed for.

This helps everyone involved. By connecting individuals and businesses that require transport providers direct to nearby logistics professionals, it means better pricing and more responsive services.

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Choose Your Local Courier

List of Towns and Cities

Get found more on search engines like google

We’re trying to create something that helps smaller, local independent couriers get seen more by end customers, instead of having to rely on always sub-contracting to the larger companies and losing a share of the sale.

This also helps the end customer, as they will often get a lower price and be able to deal directly with the driver, instead of going through a chain of people in an office.

Getting your small business seen on search engines like Google is not easy. Even more so in this industry. There’s so much competition that, especially in densely populated areas, you’re constantly having to battle 20-30 other courier companies to get to page one in the results.

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Directory Listing Price Options

If you want to find out more about the range of services above or need some help understanding some of the various products and terms used, try some of the links listed below. They will take you to independent 3rd party websites that offer free advice on financial matters.

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Contact Form: Directory Listing Enquiry

If you would like to be listed on our courier services directory please fill out the short form below and we will get back to you. Choose your primary and secondary locations so that we know where you want to be listed. Locations are assigned on a first come, first served basis and we cannot promise you will get the location you require. All listings are classed as advertising and we do not make any guarantees of sales.

Applying for bank accounts, finding an accountant,
and understanding your tax can all take up vital hours from your business.
Let a professional help you.
It will make financial sense in the end.

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