Approved Local Courier in: Edinburgh

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The Courier
Key Services: Same Day, Next Day
Service Areas Covered: England, Scotland, Wales

About This Business

Small van carrying out same-day deliveries serving wind farms, aircraft spares, medical supplies, documents, laptops etc.

Contact Details

Tel: 07949232183
Address: 166 Crewe Rd North
Postcode: EH5 2NR
Country: Scotland
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About This Location

Edinburgh, recognized as the capital of Scotland since at least the 15th century, is home to the Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament, and Scotland’s highest courts. The city’s Palace of Holyroodhouse serves as the official residence of the British monarchy in Scotland. Throughout its history, Edinburgh has been a prominent center of education, particularly in fields such as medicine, Scottish law, literature, philosophy, sciences, and engineering. In addition to its academic significance, Edinburgh also holds the position of the second-largest financial centre in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the city’s rich historical and cultural offerings have established it as the UK’s second-most visited tourist destination. In 2018 alone, it attracted 4.9 million visits, including 2.4 million from overseas.

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