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Take a look at which websites are worth the membership fee to gain extra work for your courier business.

"When I first started out, I paid to join 3 or 4 websites looking for extra work, only to find out they didn't have any. Couriers TV's reviews should save people from wasting their time and money like I did."
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Which Courier Work Exchange Sites Are Worth Joining?

So you’re looking for more courier work, you have searched the internet and found lots of websites that promise they have 100s jobs available every day and that you can find loads immediately if you become a member. But can you trust them? Which sites really are the best ones to join?

That’s a question I asked myself over and over when I first started out as a courier. I was new to the industry and was looking for the best way to find extra work so that I could start paying the bills. But the trouble is, with most websites it’s hard to trust them when you have nothing to guarantee what kind of return you will get for your membership fee.

Some of the subscription fees can be relatively huge and to new owner-drivers, when you’ve just bought a van (along with all your insurances etc.) you will probably be watching every penny you spend until you start to see your own invoices being paid. That’s when I had the idea that, as I’ve already tried MOST of the main websites myself, I had enough information to give some fair advice about which sites are worth joining, and what you can realistically expect once you’re on there.

The Couriers TV Top 5 Recommended Courier Websites


The Courier Exchange is the one site you will hear other couriers talk about, commonly referred to as ‘CX’. It’s used by many large Hauliers, courier companies and freight forwarders sub out their work, meaning it offers the most potential to owner-drivers.

The downside of that is the increased competition for work, and the higher subscription fee compared to other providers.

Return Loads Logo sample

2 - return loads


When I started out in 2012, this was seen as a real competitor to the Courier Exchange, but the loads tend to be more towards the Haulage end of things – 7.5 tonne vehicles and up. Seems to have regular work available for anyone with that kind of capacity.

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Currently the most promising newcomer to the market. Work levels are increasing and the subscription fee is easily affordable for anyone, whether you’re starting out or a veteran. Simple to use system and new features added regularly.

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4 - anyvan pro


I probably don’t need to point this out, but if you’ve used ANYVAN before, then this is the slightly more ‘grown-up’ version. It’s less ‘Man and van’, more ‘Professional Courier’. 

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This site has struggled over the last couple of years, with the only regular work being posted seeming to come from Courier Expert. There are signs of new investment which should improve things greatly. Watch this space.​

the best of the rest

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Courier Expert

Just a large courier company with a huge sub-contractor base, by subscription. Sign up and pay a fee to be notified of work, but you can find many of the jobs on other sites for free!

Shiply Logo small


Shiply was once a big player due to its ability to draw interest from Ebay, so users could get quotes for large or unusual items to be delivered. Prices often low and would only ever use it for backloads. Free to use.

Courier Compare Network Logo Large

Courier Compare Network

Not a lot to tell as from what we've experienced, there has been no work for couriers. Focus seems to be on member benefits, but the member fee to join is huge. Read the full review here.

loadie courier app badge


One of the newest arrivals, but worth keeping an eye on. It's free to register as a driver, although there's not a huge amount of work - yet. There's NO bidding. You see a job you can do and the price works for you, you take it.

Freight Alerts Logo Small

Freight Alerts

The loads on here are again more of the Shiply and UShip variety, despite the site trying to market itself more towards the Courier Exchange. Falls far short. Paid for service.

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Shed 5

Has some kind of cult status among its members. Work seems to get shared between the people that get to know each other one there. Very affordable at £25 for life if you use regularly.


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