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Take a look at which exchange services are worth the membership fee to gain extra delivery work for your courier business.

"When I first started out, I paid to join 3 or 4 websites looking for extra work, only to find out they didn't have any. Couriers TV's reviews should save people from wasting their time and money like I did."
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Which Courier Work Exchange Sites Are Worth Joining?

So you’re looking for more courier work, you have searched the internet and found lots of websites that promise they have 100s jobs available every day and that you can find loads immediately if you become a member. But can you trust them? Which sites really are the best ones to join?

That’s a question I asked myself over and over when I first started out as a courier. I was new to the industry and was looking for the best way to find extra work so that I could start paying the bills. But the trouble is, with most websites it’s hard to trust them when you have nothing to guarantee what kind of return you will get for your membership fee.

Some of the subscription fees can be relatively huge and to new owner-drivers, when you’ve just bought a van (along with your specialised courier insurance etc.) you will probably be watching every penny you spend until you start to see your own invoices being paid. That’s when I had the idea that, as I’ve already tried MOST of the main websites myself, I had enough information to give some fair advice about which sites are worth joining, and what you can realistically expect once you’re on there.

Update 10/10/21

The up’s and down’s of the past 18 months have caused major changes in work levels for couriers. As of now (October 2021) We’re seeing some of the highest levels ever for delivery requirements. This is a bit of a golden age and a great time to be a driver.

Some of our test below were taken BEFORE the 2020 lockdown and may not accurately represent the current trends, but we stand by our results as the services shown here have hardly changed in their operations.

We are currently working on new reviews of many sites. If you are planning to sign up to any network, please take into account the changing situation around the UK.

The Couriers TV Top 3 Recommended Courier Websites


The Courier Exchange is the one site you will hear other couriers talk about, commonly referred to as ‘CX’. It’s used by many large Hauliers, courier companies and freight forwarders sub out their work, meaning it offers the most potential to owner-drivers.

The downside of that is the increased competition for work, and the higher subscription fee compared to other providers.


Currently the most promising newcomer to the market. Work levels are increasing and the subscription fee is easily affordable for anyone, whether you’re starting out or a veteran. Simple to use system and new features added regularly.

3 - return loads

Please Note – Only for 7.5 tonne Vehicles and larger

When I started out in 2012, this was seen as a real competitor to the Courier Exchange, but the vast majority of loads now are for 7.5 tonne vehicles and up. Seems to have regular work available for anyone with that kind of capacity. Cheaper than CX, but more expensive than SDCN.

Read More (coming soon)

Return Loads Logo sample

membership Cost
(per month)

Shorter bar represents lower price. Some platforms charge annually and we have averaged those prices out to represent what the monthly fee would be. 

Courier Exchange:: £56.95 + VAT
Courier Compare Network:: £12.50
Same Day Courier Network:: £10
MTVan (Currently No Monthly Fee)

Number of Loads posted
(avg per day / 30m radius)

Longer bar represents more loads. Our figures are rough estimates taken from averaging high/low traffic regions. Some areas get more loads than others.

Courier Exchange:: 75
Same Day Courier Network:: 10
MTVan:: 0
Courier Compare Network:: 0

Couriers TV Opinion
Value for Money

Longer bar represents better value. This is only the opinion of Couriers TV researchers and is not influenced by the platforms represented in tests.

Courier Exchange::
Same Day Courier Network::
Courier Compare Network::

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We're in the process of testing out two new 'challenger' services in the courier work arena. They bring a new way of doing things to the table and we fully expect them to shake up the industry. Watch out CX!

the best of the rest


Courier expert logo small

4 - Courier Expert

Just a large courier company with a sub-contractor base by subscription. Sign up and pay a fee to be notified of work, but they have sometimes listed their work on MTVan and SDCN, so why pay to join two services? May be worth a look if you're really struggling for work, but there are better options.



Shiply Logo small

5 - Shiply

Shiply was once a big player due to its ability to draw interest from Ebay. Drivers earning power often low and would only ever use it for backloads. Free to use. New review coming soon.



anyvan pro sample images

6 - Anyvan

Anyvan has changed and now more focussed on furniture removals. Seems to be heading to an 'Uber' style business model where drivers are almost tied into only working for them.



7 - Delivery Quote Compare

Delivery Quote Compare is just another of the Anyvan / Shiply style sites that gets user to list their eBay items looking for the lowest bids from couriers. Don't bother wasting your time.



8 - MT Van

We've had reports from users that this site is basically dead and buried now. Seems like none of the admin team are responding to emails and hardly anything ever gets posted on there. This had a lot of potential but if the owners can't be bothered, then why should you?



Courier Compare Network reviews Logo Large

9 - Courier Compare

Not a lot to tell as, from what we've experienced, there has been no work for couriers. Focus seems to be on member benefits, but the member fee to join is huge. Read the full review here.



Freight Alerts Logo Small

10 - Freight Alerts

The loads on here are again more of the Shiply and Anyvan variety, despite the site trying to market itself more towards the Courier Exchange. Falls far short. Paid for service.



Shed 5 Logo Small

10 - Shed 5

Used to be a cult-site that had a small number of members who seemed to share things between each other, but if you didn't know the secret handshake you didn't get anything. Now closed.



loadie courier app badge

11 - Loadie

It's looking like Loadie has gone to the great website in the sky. No sign of recent maintenance or any effort to resurrect it. We've tried to contact them but no response



12 - Courier Market

Be VERY careful with this one. We have had numerous reports of this being a scam, with a ridiculous £250+ joining fee, fake loads and no refunds. We can't find any legitimate information about the company, never answer the phone and seems to be run from a forwarding address in Birmingham. Shows all the warning signs.

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