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Basic Background

As anyone that ever joined ‘Larry the Loadie’ will know, sometimes the new-wave of ‘Uber’ style apps that appear for couriers crash and burn very quickly. They arrive with good intent and great ideas, but somehow they just don’t seem to pull in the users they need.

It’s all about the battle of trying to encourage customers to sign up to post their delivery requirements, but unless you have the drivers available, they’re reluctant to do so.

And you can’t convince the drivers to sign up and sit around waiting, if you don’t have any customers.

Despite that, DeliveryApp are actually doing fairly well (from what we know).

They already have one thing that Larry never seemed to achieve – job postings.

How did we review DeliveryApp?

The only way you can do a fair review of anything like this is to be a user yourself. That’s what we did. So far it’s been approximately 1 year of being registered as a driver.

The Best / Worst Parts of It

The best thing is that it’s free to use and that it’s all quite simple.

Your phone notifies you of job postings, read them and decide if it’s for you. If you want that run then click accept. Nothing too complicated at all.

You’re only going to be dealing direct with DeliveryApp, so unlike Courier Exchange you don’t have hundreds of invoices going out to different companies with all kinds of different payment schedules.

Do the job and update the app at each stage. As soon as it’s complete payment is effectively started. You receive it about a week later to your Stripe account, and then a few days later Stripe transfers into your assigned business banking service

As for bad points; the lack of a real flood of work is the major issue. Nobody can survive on what’s available currently. You’re going to need other work. DeliveryApp is only really going to help you fill in the gaps.

Also we have seen quite a bit of app instability. Some of it was related to a change of phones on our part, but it seemed like a few glitches were caused by a redesign of the app at one stage.

Is it all about the algorithm?

And then there’s the constant notifications of jobs that have already gone. Your mobile phone pings, you look at the alert, then when you tap on the job it tells you a drivers already taken the booking. Even though your opened your phone 8 seconds after the notification.

We don’t know this for sure, but we think there might be an algorithm at play here. A bit like the way apps like Instagram and TikTok decide what things you see – we think DeliveryApp has a way of deciding who is notified of jobs, and in which order.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it really comes down to how the algorithm is determining who is worthy of seeing the loads.

Do drivers have the ability to prove their worth? Is it all about where you’re based at the time?

Either way, it needs to be better at not ‘false pinging’ people, because that gets annoying quickly. It’s almost ‘Catfishing’ drivers into checking the app when the job’s not there (see screenshot below).

Will it actually get you work and help you earn money?

As with all courier services, it’s really about that old adage from the housing market; Location, location, location.

If you’re out in the wilds of Wales, Scotland, Cornwall etc then it’s probably not going to massively increase your chances.

Meanwhile, for us here in Greater Manchester it’s not done too badly. We can probably count on at least 2-3 job postings per day all year round, but in peak periods that can be more like 5-10. We’re not seeing crazy numbers so far, but they do seem to be climbing year-on-year.

a screenshot of the DeliveryApp notifications screen
a screenshot of the DeliveryApp load details page


Cost of Membership: £0 per year

You don’t get much for free in this life, but currently DeliveryApp is free to use for drivers. The only place you see any costs at all is the fee taken from your payments through Stripe which is nominal (I believe it’s less than 2%).


Load Availability:

Right now based on our usage in Greater Manchester and only accessing loads for a small van, there is very little work available on an average day. We’re seeing less than 5 load notifications per day on average within our defined collection radius. That doesn’t mean it’s the same all over the country. We do see notifications for other areas and some regions can have occasional spurts. But I wouldn’t expect to run a courier business on what’s happening on here at this time. It’s only going to help you fill the gaps, not make a living.


Features and Benefits:

As with a lot of platforms lately, there are a few little added bonuses through the app to sweeten the deal. They have partnered with insurance providers so you may be able to get a deal, although we always recommend contacting leading courier insurance specialists .


Credibility and Risk Factors:

This is one of DeliveryApps strong points right now. The fact that you get paid through the app quickly instead of having to invoice different customers on 30 – 60 day account terms is a huge plus point. They used to say it was ‘paid in 7 days’ but it actually takes about 14 days once your payment has cleared through Stripe and into your bank, but that’s still better than 30 or more. With DeliveryApp being the service that process the booking and takes the payment, it also adds a little more protection from dodgy customers.

Pay Rates

Pay Rates Summary:

This is not a bidding system, the price for jobs is already set and you just decide whether you’re willing to accept it or not. Our score is only based on small van jobs, and the prices we’ve seen are ‘fair but not amazing’. They’re definitely not the lowest we’ve seen, but also not the highest. We can’t tell you how good the prices are for larger vans because we have no information, but would expect a similar story.

Overall Rating Score


It’s showing potential. Some previous app-stability issues seem to have been sorted. The biggest issue is still the dire need for more customers. It’s got the same issue all these platforms face which is maintaining the balance of couriers-to-customers. You can’t get customers unless they know the drivers are there to do the work. And you can’t get the drivers, without the work there to do. It costs nothing to keep that app on your phone and check it just in case.

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