User Review of Courier Compare Network (CCN) (2023)

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Basic Background

“Keeping Courier Drivers In Work” is the big and bold claim of the Courier Compare Network, aka CCN. Although as we found it back in 2018, it failed miserably.

How did we review Courier Compare Network?

This time around in 2023 we were unable to do a full user review as the free membership signup page didn’t work for us despite many attempts. And we were not about to try the paid options as the prices were ridiculous. The following content of the review is from what our team member experienced back in 2018

Will it actually get you work and help you earn money?

When I’m starting to write a review, I typically break down the particular categories that a product or service should be defined by, and then analyse each ones strengths and weaknesses.

For example, when I want to look at a work-exchange website I’ll look at some of the following aspects;

  • Volume of work listed
  • Type of work listed (trade/private)
  • Competition for that work (No. of members in certain areas)
  • Quality of membership (are members verified, audited and banned for rule breaking? etc)
  • Price of membership
  • Expected R.O.I. (Return on Investment)

When it came to Courier Compare Network though, I was stumped. Basically, because there was nothing to review.

I took up an offer of a 14-day FREE trial in order to evaluate the platform. It didn’t take that long. Within 1 day I had already figured out that there was no work being posted to the service. Or so it looked.

The ‘jobs’ feed was more like a selection of blog posts from the site owner making one-sided conversation in order to try and build some content.

I enquired and was told the free trial had ended. Even though I had only just signed up (and had done so whilst the trial was being advertised as still available).

Fair enough maybe I wasn’t seeing the full product then. But the conversation I had with the owner gave me more than enough to go on. He clearly stated there is “hardly any courier work, but lots of haulage work”.

So are couriers comparing stuff or are they being compared?

This left me feeling that something was being lost in translation.

The name is ‘COURIER compare network’.

Where are couriers being compared?

Or should couriers be the ones doing the comparing? And if so – what is there for them to compare?

I was told that the process is that the seller lists their delivery work, it gets posted out to drivers who then call the seller back and take the job. Apparently this was “better than the way other exchange sites do it”.

From my experience, that’s the way MOST networks & exchange websites do it. Drivers receive notifications of job postings and call back to either take a fixed fee or place a bid.

As the conversation progressed, I was told about all the member benefits of the service. This left me to realise that due to its lack of work for drivers, Courier Compare Network is actually more of a members club than it is a work exchange app.

You probably won’t see a return on your membership fee from winning any work. At least at this stage. But you might make the occasional saving here and there on services. Stuff like fuel cards or ferry booking prices.

Are those savings enough to justify the price? At the best part £1000 for the Silver package (and a stratospheric £1300 for Gold), you’re really going to have to make plenty of ferry crossings to see a return on that!

Everything Else

Aside from the lack of work, it’s a confusing service to use on a desktop computer. Using on the mobile app is slightly better.

The desktop version of the website seems poorly designed and throws utter confusion at the user. You click to login and register on the courier compare site, but then the user area seems to be held on a completely different domain (this could be just the free trial setup, I can’t confirm at this stage).

Have you used Courier Compare Network?

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This review is the personal opinion of Stuart, written for publication on Couriers TV.

a screenshot of the Courier compare network ccn website
a screenshot of the Courier compare network ccn website


Cost of Membership: £1295.00 per year

There is apparently a free membership option (called the Bronze package), but we were unable to get access to it. The crazy thing is though that the next two options, Silver and Gold, were astronomically priced at £895 and £1295 respectively. How anyone can justify a price gap of £895 between the free and the next cheapest package option I have no idea. When you look at the list of features, it actually seems that the Silver package is more about advertising on the platform. The Gold package is all about having an ‘APP with an APP’. And this is where I was confused again. It’s £1295 PER YEAR. Why would I need a new app making every year? Surely anyone that wanted an app making could just pay a one-off extortionate fee, and then a smaller annual renewal price to keep it running?


Load Availability:

When we last reviewed CCN back in 2018, there was nothing at all on the boards. A member of their staff informed us we were only seeing the courier/van boards and that there was a LOT of work on the HGV boards, but we were unable to verify this. We can’t give you any update on this now because as mentioned in the main review, we’re unable to sign up for a new membership due to an issue on the CCN site. Due to this, I would be very surprised if there were any loads at all.


Features and Benefits:

Again, we can’t verify what the platform is like to use so very hard to give a fair assessment. There seems to be a lot of added features included in the membership packages, although some of them seem vague and we’d like to see proof of others for sure. But again, if you can’t even become a member, then there’s no point worrying about how many features are available.


Credibility and Risk Factors:

We honestly don’t know how this platform is still running. Maybe if we could get onboard then we might be surprised by how great it is behind the scenes, but it’s more likely that if the doors locked, nobody’s getting in and there’s not much hope for the future.

Pay Rates

Pay Rates Summary:

No way to know

Overall Rating Score


Well surely by now you could have realised that this review has not gone very well, and we’re hardly likely to recommend you rush over to CCN and sign up. If the sign-up page starts working again for the free Bronze account then it might be worth taking a look – who knows what wonders may exist beyond the log in page? But we’ll stick to the rest of the apps currently in our top 5 for now. Feel free to let us know if you’re a member of CCN and are really impressed with it though, we would definitely like to get feedback from proper users.

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