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Because we can't have Couriers TV without the 'TV' bit.

If you have some spare time in your day, sit back and watch TV with us. Because this is what we’re all about. Couriers TV is going to collate videos that are either informative or entertaining for those in the express transport and logistics industry.

We will still provide all the best information in written form, but let’s be honest, it’s much easier to watch a YouTube video isn’t it? Even better, you can contact us to get your video shown here and added to our YouTube playlist as well. Whether it’s a video advertising your own business, or something informative about courier work – it’s all good!

Promotional Videos

An Introduction to Couriers TV

What better way to introduce you to what we’re all about than with our own promotional videos.

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From Hi-Viz Shirts to Pallet Wrap, Sack Trucks and more – we source bargains for your courier business.

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Training & Safety Advice Videos

DVSA Walk-around Checks (part 1)

A quick guide from the DVSA demonstrating the basic checks you should perform before heading out on the road.

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DVSA Walk-around Checks (part 2)

the second part of the quick guide from the DVSA demonstrating the daily checks you should perform before heading out on the road.

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DVSA Winter vehicle Checks

Some basic advice on checks that should be used to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive in winter conditions.

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Watch 'The Courier' on YouTube Premium

This is the trailer for a movie available on YouTube Premium (Paid content).

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