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Information is power. Use it to plan better routes

Technology is constantly evolving to avoid traffic and create more efficient delivery routes

We took the time to look into the finer details and source a wealth of information to make it easier for you to operate as a courier.

One of the most important factors for any delivery service is to know WHERE you are collecting from and delivering too.

Then you need to find the most efficient route between those two points.

We’ve collated the best information to help you source the leading apps and websites for routing efficiency.

Whether it’s finding out what the weather is going to be like, checking on traffic conditions on your route, or finding out if you’re at risk of incurring a ‘low emission zone’ fine, we’ll help you find what you need.

Mapping and Route Apps

Google Maps

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We’re sure you probably already know about Google Maps. If you don’t, then where have you been for the last 10 years? It’s free to use, making using it a no-brainer. Plan your routes with post codes, see traffic updates and send the routes direct to your mobile devices. It even warns you of toll roads. For anyone starting out this should be on your favourites bar and your phone.
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There are going to be times when you need to plot multi-drop routes and figure out which is the most efficient order to run your deliveries. Route XL makes that effortless.

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The route planner helping you to save an hour a day. Incredibly slick and efficient routing app with specific tools for couriers requiring multiple stops on route. Add stops, optimizes your route and finds addresses helping you get home earlier – which is something we all enjoy.

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Save Money On Diesel with a Fuel Card

  • Save a minimum of 3p per litre (pump pricing option)
  • Save up to a maximum of 10p per litre (fixed pricing option)
  • Improve Cashflow
  • Access thousands of filling stations and supermarkets around the UK

Address Data and Location Service Apps


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Describes itself as “The simplest way to talk about location”. It’s a modern alternative to postcodes and street names. They mapped the entire world into 3m x 3m squares and gave every square a unique 3-word reference. This way you can navigate to an exact front door, garden path or delivery bay.

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DALUS, or ‘Driver Address Look-up System’ is like a virtual ‘word of mouth’ instruction manual from drivers that have already experienced a delivery to the place you’re visiting. It’s a way for each driver to let others know the visual cues you need to access difficult addresses, or stop you getting your vehicle stuck in a narrow lane. And the best part? It will only get better as more people use it and share their knowledge.

Clean Air Zone (CAZ) Information

Five clean air zones are either already in operation or soon to come into effect around the UK, and more will likely follow. These areas will penalise anyone using older specification diesel vehicles with fines handed out if you drive a non-compliant commercial vehicle into/through these areas. Make sure your vehicle is up to spec or find out what you’ll have to pay if you head into any of the following locations:

The Bradford CAZ is in place.

The Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone is still under review as of the end of 2023. More news is expected early in 2024.

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne CAZ is active

Government Departments

There are a lot of things to be careful of when delivering to cities around the UK, such as low emissions zones, parking restrictions, and pedestrianised areas. Use these links to find information for major UK towns and cities.

Manchester is a rapidly changing city and the Greater Manchester area has a lot of varied boroughs with different rules around transport access.

If you need to know more about the Greater Manchester low emissions zones and other access issues, visit Transport for Greater Manchester

London can be a challenging place to deliver to. There are so many rules and regulations and an ever-increasing number of fees are payable in order to deliver to the central London.

Clue yourself up before heading that by visiting Transport for London (TFL)

Traffic and Route Planning Services

Someone once said “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. Sometimes a bit of forward route-planning can save you a lot of time and effort by missing road works or accidents and finding the most efficient way to do your deliveries.

Highways England (formerly known as The Highways Agency) are often the first people to know about issues with traffic on motorways and major A-roads throughout England.

Visit Highways England if you need to know if there are any traffic issues on your route

The official rules of the road for the UK. The Highway Code is essential information that all drivers are required to adhere to by law.

View the Highway Code online here


Couriers have to work in all weather conditions, but sometimes it’s nice to know ahead of time so that you can choose whether to take your big coat with you or not.

Visit the BBC Weather Map for both a short and long forecast for the week ahead so that you can get an idea of what to expect while you’re out and about.

As an alternative to the BBC Weather report, you can visit the MET Office to get their weather forecast instead.