Where to find more courier work online (September 2020)

which courier work websites to choose from?

Being a self-employed courier means one thing – you’re always looking for where your next job is coming from. If you work hard enough and have a bit of luck, you’ll get some regular customers. But for the vast majority, delivery work apps are the way to top up your earnings.

The events of 2020 have hit everyone hard and even the most popular courier websites became ghost towns for a period of time. The number of drivers looking for work back during the national lockdown massively outweighed the amount of work available. This in turn forced the rates down and made it difficult to make money.

So without any more delay, here are what we consider the ranking of choices right now in September 2020.

The best option

Right now, it’s no secret that the Courier Exchange is probably your best option to find more courier work.

The problem with that? It’s seriously expensive.

The basic package is not too bad, although still steep when compared with the alternatives. But when you include any extras your subscription can soon add up.

The “worth a try” option

The Same Day Courier Network is still probably the second best place to be a member. Although SDCN was even quieter than CX between March-June, it did show some promise at the back end of 2019 and we think it will be the same this year. Very affordable compared to CX so worth a try for the last 3rd of the year.

We’re also about to review Return Loads. We looked into this site a few years ago but at the time it’s members were vastly more HGV loads than Van work.

Anyvan Pro is a risky one right now. We’re aware that they do have some work, but we’ve also heard that some drivers have been billed for jobs they haven’t covered. We’ll look into this and run a full review as soon as possible.

The “don’t even bother” option

Unfortunately, this category covers nearly every other website that we currently know of.

Courier Compare Network
Claims to have lots of HGV loads, but haven’t seen a single van load on there. Ever.

Had one notification a few months ago. That’s all.

We’ve contact Larry Loadie for an update, but no response so it seems the platform is all but dead right now. App hasn’t been updated in ages. Don’t waste your time.

Shed 5
The owners of this seem to have launched a new project called ‘The Courier Map’. We don’t have any experience of this site yet but will look into it soon.

Shiply, Freight Alerts, Courier Expert, Courier Market and many more
These have all fallen off our radar this year, so if you have used them please contact us to let us know what you think.

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