What’s to come for Couriers TV in 2020?


Did anyone else out there blink and almost miss the Christmas break? Wow. It seemed to fly by here at CTV Towers. There we were just putting our feet up and enjoying a turkey sandwich, when it’s suddenly the new year and everyone’s back to it. Welcome to 2020!

I guess time always seems to fly when you have so much to get done. This year is going to be BIG. Seriously big. We’ve got a year planner that already resembles last years Christmas tree it has that many colours on it.

Of course, we can’t just blurt out everything that’s planned, otherwise some cheeky whippersnappers might just try and steal our ideas. But we can give you a hint.

The launch of our videos

This one is fairly obvious. I mean we’re called Couriers TV after all. So it stands to reason that at some point, we were going to be doing informational videos.

Maybe calling them ‘informational’ is a bit naff. I hope they’ll be more entertaining than that. The idea is to help educate, inform, discuss, inspire. Whatever it takes to help everyone improve their courier careers.

We’ll also be looking to speak to couriers around the UK and get your opinion on matters throughout the industry. Follow and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be ready when the videos start rolling!

New Partnerships bring in added value

We want Couriers TV to always be FREE to the end user. To do that, we need the support of partners that provide goods and services to couriers and the transport industry. In 2019 we secured to fantastic partnerships with companies that can do just that. Services like IN-SYNC that help people with Flat Rate VAT and vehicle financing.

Then there’s DA Systems with topbox a cloud-based software system for complete control of your business, with booking, allocating and invoicing all built in.

Brand new for 2020 is one of the biggest players in the Telematics industry, Radius Payment Solutions with their Kinesis Telematics system.

Job Listings

We’re working on providing access to recruitment agencies to list job openings related to the transport and logistics industry. It’s not the easiest thing to set up, but it’s going to bring a lot of great opportunities for those looking for new roles.


We had a business directory right from the start here at CTV. But then GDPR stuck it’s oar in. Not only that, but we found the system we were using was causing some major issues in the website.

So, we ditched it for a while to focus on some more important matters. Now it’s on its way back soon. We’re just in the process of practicing how to best input the data for each company and will launch by end of February 2020 (if all goes to plan).

Whilst it’s true we want to keep CTV free for end users, there will options for directory users to upgrade their listings. We intend to make any upgrade options as affordable as possible though.

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