What’s on the road ahead for Couriers TV?

It's September. The kids have gone back to school and the weather has changed. Autumn is definitely underway. This new season brings new opportunities for couriers, and especially for visitors of Couriers TV.
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It’s not often lately we get to write about ourselves here at Couriers TV.

We’ve been trying so hard to build our newsfeed into a place where our visitors can find the latest articles about what’s happening in transport and logistics, that we sometimes forget about our own news.

This time though, we have news about courier quotes, some free advertising for you, an opportunity to get better fuel prices and ways to improve the efficiency of your driving with telematics.

That’s why we’ve taken a few minutes to do this update.

A lot has been going on behind the scenes over the past few months here at CTV HQ. Some of it is official and can be found in the pages if you have a good look through. There’s even more coming soon though.

A Change of Direction and A New Home For Business Listings

Last year we launched a service called ‘Couriers In UK’. It was a directory website that was dedicated to listing ONLY courier businesses, so that it would only attract visitors looking for transport services.

It ‘kind of’ worked, but we soon realised that the amount of work it was taking to run 2 websites was more than we could handle and it was not getting the attention it deserved.

We closed the site and moved the listings to their new home right here on CTV. If you run a small courier business then get your name added to our courier directory now.

We limit every town in the UK to only 1 business, on a first-come, first-served basis, so get in early and take control of your local area.

Getting Quotes is a Two-Way Street

After we created the business directory we realised that it would be a good idea to use the gravitational pull of CTV to quote for end customers too. The people that NEED courier services.

So we created this brand new courier quotes form for businesses and private individuals to request prices to have goods delivered.

Once we get a request, we pass it over to the local business listed in our directory to handle the work. It’s a you-scratch-our-back, we’ll-scratch-yours type deal that’s intended to help all our users.

Extra work for you, simple quotes for the customer. Win-Win!

Fuel is the Future of Your Business. Find Ways to Pay Less For It.

It’s been the story of 2022 so far. The price of fuel. We’ve all been hit hard and it’s surely made everyone in transport look at how much we pay for it and how we can get it for less.

Here at Couriers TV, we’ve always had a connection with fuel card providers because we believe it’s essential for delivery service providers to save every penny we can on diesel, petrol and even electric.

Which is why we will soon be working direct with UK Fuels, one of the UK’s biggest fuel card providers. Now, instead of going through a 3rd party, we will work direct with them to help you get the fuel cards that are right for your business.

And this also connects in with the fact we’re going to be testing out telematics services.

Telematics is something that seems to have been ignored by some smaller companies – but it can help bring an extra level of understanding to your driving and operating costs. So try not to dismiss it until you’ve really examined it.

So there you have it. Lots of new stuff arriving right on time for the busy season in the transport industry. We hope you’re going to be able to make use of everything we add to the platform this Autumn.

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