We’re Snowballing

girl making snowball

That title of this article is not supposed to directly imply we’re out snowballing people. It has nothing to do with the weather or any kind of winter pastimes. It’s purely a metaphorical reference to the way the moment is starting to pick up with the Couriers.TV project.

Eh? Snowballs? What the…?

You know how when you start to make a snowball and then as you’re adding more and more snow it slowly becomes a small snowman and before you know it you’re pushing a 1 ton white sphere down the street to impress the neighbours. Well that’s us right now.

This idea has been in the planning for sometime now. When you’re effectively doing everything on your own and you have a full time job it’s not easy. It can take weeks to get each little task done. And because you’re always trying to steal a few minutes here and there progress seems slow.

Luckily towards the end of January 2017 we had a break through. We were able to acquire a piece of software that has massively improved the way we were able to structure the website and now we are racing towards being finished, and getting more people involved – gathering momentum like a snowball rolling down a hill.

As things stand currently we’re really hoping to be almost ready for a full official launch on March 1st!


For those that have been with us from the start, you’ll know that we kind of took a step backwards in 2018 due to GDPR. But now in 2019 everything is way beyond our expectations. We have lots of partners coming onboard to promote services to couriers and the site is now HUUUUUGE! Yes, with 5 U’s!!

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