UK Address finding App marks official partnership with Ordnance Survey

FinTec Business Solutions, the company behind a new UK-wide address-finding App developed in Shropshire, has launched an official partnership with Ordnance Survey.
Spencer Taylor from Dalus Technologies shows official Ordnance Survey Partner Logo

DALUS App (Driver Address Look Up System) was developed by Spencer Taylor, from Higher Heath, near Whitchurch, Shropshire.

It already has the exact location of 34 million addresses, drawing from seven databases, including Ordnance Survey’s Address Base Premium and Royal Mail Postal Address Files (PAF).

This means it has the most comprehensive data set of any similar app on the market – and is supported by Ordnance Survey (OS) data through the licencing of its full data packages for the App.

Ordnance Survey provides national mapping services for Great Britain and is a world-leading geospatial organisation. Its location data and expertise has helped governments make smarter decisions, businesses gain valuable data insight, and everyone experience the world outside for over 225 years.

OS’s Address Base Premium not only holds GPS coordinates to delivery addresses (taking it one step further than Royal Mail which confirms what addresses can receive post), but also location data to places such as beach car parks, public toilets, playing fields and sites of scientific interest, for example.

DALUS also draws on data from local authorities and holiday let data sets to create its address list and cross-checks between all the data sources to ensure it is the most comprehensive app on the market to get drivers to where there need to go.

DALUS CEO and founder, Spencer Taylor, is still currently working part-time as a delivery driver, which allows him to constantly test and improve the app. He says that data checking is extremely time-consuming, but essential to support not just delivery drivers, but any users of our platform.

“We are constantly improving the app and wanted to enhance the data sources we were using. We met with Ordnance Survey and presented the App, and were delighted that they not only liked it, but accepted us as a licensed partner meaning we will have licensed access to all the OS data sets. This new partnership with OS will ensure we stay at the forefront of meeting the challenge of providing both accurate and up-to-date details,” he said.

“As well as every UK address, this also includes data on new builds and homes under construction, so as soon as someone moves in and wants a delivery, we will know where they are.

“It also includes location information on amenities and many other locations like castle ruins, picnic spots, places you wouldn’t necessarily deliver to but which you still want to find easily. It has so many benefits and in the future, the mapping data will allow us to introduce artificial intelligence technology for smart route planning.

“We believe that the partnership with OS will make DALUS the most up-to-date address location & navigation platform in the UK,” he added.

Tom Williams, Channel Sales Executive at OS, said: “I was really impressed by DALUS and its capabilities, both now but also in the future. To enable the company to grow, we could see the benefit in accepting it as a premium partner, giving them unlimited access to all our latest data.”

Spencer has nearly four decades in the tech industry and along with a development team and partners including Chief Technical Officer, Ruben Riano, from Bristol and Data Manager, Garry Martin, from Croydon, they developed the App over five years.

Spencer created the app after taking a break from IT and starting a job as a delivery driver. He found that other navigation solutions couldn’t get him to all the addresses on his routes and set about creating his own app, including the key element of accurate address location.

“The app officially launched in April after a long and intensive development process to create a superior address-finding app. We have more downloads every day and the feedback we are getting is just incredible. We want to help people reduce stress, save time, and help the environment by reducing CO2 and cutting down on fuel usage,” added Spencer.

Currently, DALUS is completely free to download and use for one month. After that, users will be contacted and asked if they want to continue using it and only then will payment details be taken. After the first free month, it costs £2.99 per month (incl.VAT), or the cost of a cup of coffee.

For more information about DALUS, visit

To view or download the app, search DALUS on the Apple app store at or on Android at

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