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Making vehicle safety and security affordable.

HH Driveright provides a complete set of tools and features to allow you to successfully manage your vehicles and fleet, keep your drivers safe and reduce your general costs. All data is accessible online so you can see live data wherever you need it. The portal makes it simple for you to generate reports and view real time events as and when they occur.

Our innovative system uses GPS Vehicle Tracking to monitor your vehicle locations and journeys. Also security features of in-cab alerts, auto and remote immobilisation, auto locking and driving analysis.

Prevent vehicle thefts.

This unique device reduces and eliminates opportunistic vehicle thefts. The security system identifies if, and when, a driver leaves the keys in the ignition and gives an in-cab alert. If the alert is not rectified, (by shutting and locking the door) the system will trigger immobilisation of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is used for deliveries, you will have the peace of mind that your vehicle and its contents are safe and secure. And that you are fully aware of its location at all times. The system also has the option to auto-lock* all doors (if not already done so by the driver) meaning all deliveries are safe and secure from theft.

*only if the vehicle supports this feature.

Choose from 3 options:

HH Driveright Hardwire Device
Enabled with both remote and automatic immobilisation and auto locking (if supported) to protect your vehicles from theft Generate reports on all aspects of your fleet including: Immobilisation events, speeding, trip history, driver rating, impacts
HH Driveright Ford Device
The same specification as the Hardwire device above but with a non invasive installation designed specially for FORD vehicles.
HH Driveright Plug and Play Device

Easy installation with a direct plug into your vehicle’s OBD port.

Track and monitor your assets in real-time using your own personalised web-based dashboard, accessible though any internet enabled devices.

Support safe and efficient driving habits.

Supporting safe driving habits is easy with HH Driveright.

Integration with the vehicle CAN-BUS allows detailed data on your drivers behaviours. The portal shows complete trip history for each vehicle and will flag alerts for

  • Speeding
  • Harsh Cornering
  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Idling
  • Impacts
  • CO2 Levels


This data is collected by the portal and is incorporated into a star rating for each driver. You can then use this to direct any training to the relevant areas for each driver. You will get automatic notifications direct from the vehicle dashboard to flag any vehicle issues, giving peace of mind that all areas of the vehicle are under control and the driver is behaving safely.

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