News: UK HGV Driver Shortages – Can Couriers Help Take A Load Off?

The UK is apparently lacking a huge number of HGV drivers currently since many EU drivers moved back to the continent after Brexit. Can Couriers help take a load off the hauliers and keep Britain moving?
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, there’s one aspect of the transport industry that can’t have escaped your attention. There is a major lack of HGV drivers – mostly caused by Brexit apparently – due to EU drivers not meeting the grade for residency. Some figures have claimed that the industry is down almost 70,000 drivers.

On the plus side, there are around 45,000 drivers waiting to take their HGV driving tests – so there’s plenty of cause for hope. But depending how long it takes to get those tests done, what can the country do in the meantime?

Well that’s where van drivers need to step in. Sure, vans can’t carry the loads in the same volume as HGVs, but what they lack in size, they make up for in numbers, speed and agility.

A huge portion of HGV work is typically based around pallets, and pallets can go on all shapes and sizes of vans. It’s not a long term solution to the problem, but it’s an affordable and affective one. Manchester delivery company Avango Couriers has already started to win new business supporting haulage firms when they are running low on capacity and need occasional pallets transported.

Keeping Britain Moving

One thing we learned from the last 12 months is that hauliers and couriers keep the country moving when times get tough. The best way to do that is always teamwork. Now is a great time for big haulage firms call local courier companies to help them, and it will probably lead to future efficiency improvements in the way they operate.

The risk for hauliers that fail to do this is that desperate customers may by-pass them and go direct to the couriers themselves if goods need moving urgently.

Become a Truck Driver – Take HGV Lessons

Have you ever considered moving up to the big leagues? Why not consider going for your C+E HGV Licence? Whilst many truck drivers will tell you that the salary is not the best, it’s definitely not a bad career path if you love driving. Start by visiting the Government information on Lorry Driver Qualification.

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