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Good afternoon SDCN members past and present,

Firstly happy new year, although the festive period seems like a long time ago already!  I just wanted to give you all a quick update on SDCN, where we are and where we’re going. 

Strong start to 2020 for network memberships

For SDCN it has been a very strong start to the year for membership sign ups so far.  Although it is currently slower out there for loads, as it often is in January,  we have seen an increase in members benefiting from their membership with regards to posting and taking loads.  This will only continue to grow and improve as the year ticks on.  As we prepare to start our fifth year it is great to see those members posting loads selling more, and those members taking loads taking more.

The industry continues to realise that it is a positive to have more than one platform available.  This will eventually ensure membership costs are kept fair and standards improved.   We have also seen an increase in membership sign ups on the back of the recent membership price hike by our main competitor, suggesting that the industry has had enough of cost increases without the service necessarily improving and warranting these hikes.  Some feedback I have received recently suggest some of these increases are north of 40%!

Our commitment to our members is to always ensure SDCN is a low and fair cost membership subscription.  We also believe that those of you who have been a part of the platform to date deserve to take advantage of our low cost membership and option to pay monthly for the foreseeable future.  Therefore all of you on subscription will remain on the same low cost £10 per month (inc vat) until at least the summer of 2021.  Any returning and new members before the end of February will also be able to benefit from this low cost subscription.  New members from the 1st March 2020 will go onto our new pricing structure, but to confirm, current subscribed members will NOT see an increase in membership costs.

New SDCN Features in the Pipeline

We have some exciting development projects in the pipeline and improvements scheduled in.  We reinvest the membership subscriptions into development but are building this organically so we do not have borrowings and investors involved, this does slow down the development but it ensures you will all retain very low cost membership subscriptions moving forward.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the platform please do not hesitate to call Richard on 01202 511 559 or e mail [email protected] and we all wish you a great and successful 2020 at SDCN.

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