Is Your Van MOT’d?

This is 2020. The year that just keeps on giving. Although not all the things it gives are good. The latest present we’ve been given is confusion over the MOT rules.

Back in March or April when Britain was first introduced to the new-found ‘lockdown’ scenario and our lives were thrown upside down, vehicle MOT’s were put on a back-burner as garages were reduced to essential services.

This wasn’t ideal for most people, but it had to be done. Unfortunately what it meant was that at some point the decision would be overturned and a lot of delivery vehicles were going to need an MOT. The problem was that very few people knew when that would be.

Then came August. And with very little notice the government decided that we all suddenly should have our MOT’s in place.

So that’s the reason for this post – to help make people aware that if your van MOT was delayed during lockdown, then you need to act now to get it in place.

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