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Using AI to save Couriers time and money when buying insurance cover

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We are Broking 2.0…

1. Our efficiency enables us to work cheaper than incumbents

2. We’re proactive and open in disclosing our earnings

3. Our Customer Portal enables you to see ALL quote responses in real-time

Insurance broking is broken, with customers footing the bill for their advisors’ technological and business inefficiencies. hubb have built their own AI, focused on automating processes and making data-led decisions, that enable your broker to spend more time advising you and less time interrogating you.

hubb specialise in courier insurance and provide cost savings to customers by incentivising the right behaviours and automating mundane processes, which means we’re focussed on obtaining the right cover at the best possible price.

The Three Core Principles That Drive Broking 2.0

hubb’s model is all about improving the alignment between the broking service provided and the price paid. Currently, 73% of business owners speak to their insurance broker twice or less per year, yet commissions can make up as much 40% of their annual premium.


We know that buying insurance can often feel confusing and as though you’re only getting part of the picture. That’s why we adopted a mantra of radical transparency and built a platform that let’s you see everything we’re doing on your behalf, in real-time. That holds us accountable to the highest standards of integrity.


The insurance industry is wildly inefficient with manual processes and double-keying of data. In fact, brokers currently spend up to 63% of their working days on admin. hubb’s ground-breaking platform enables us to automate that unnecessary admin, returning our team to high-value tasks and passing those cost savings back to you, the client.


Customers want value for money and to see where their money is going. That’s why we opted to align our prices to the service level required to deliver you the right support for your individual needs. But for you to recognise value, we recognise that it’s vital we disclose all of our earnings, up-front.

Customers Came For The Savings,
Stayed For The Features

Open Back Office

Access everything we hold regarding your insurance in our open back-office

Giving you access to everything we hold on you ensures we are held to the very highest standards. No email will go unseen, no phone call unrecorded and no quotation will ever be hidden from you.

Hubb courier Insurance account admin on a laptop
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Online Quote Portal

See which insurers we’ve engaged and their responses in real-time

Part of the frustration in the insurance buying process is feeling in the dark about what is happening at any given time. We have therefore designed our platform to ensure you can see every step of obtaining a quotation. More importantly, we don’t choose what you can and can’t see – you get the same insurer updates at the same time we do.

Customer Service Portal

A 360 view, 24/7 enabling you to have control of your insurance policies.

You don’t always want to speak to someone. Well, our customer portal will enable you to download copies of your documentation, make small incidental changes to your insurance policy and report claims.

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If you crave greater transparency, efficiency and value from your insurance broker, we’d love to hear from you.

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