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Self-employed compliance and payment security

Specialising in payments for self-employed contractors, PDL Payment Solutions will manage your contractors Income Tax, National Insurance and Partnership Expenses.

We make payment directly to the contractors nominated bank account and send their Income Tax and Class 1 National Insurance contributions to HMRC on a monthly basis.

We will register the LLP for VAT, submit SA800 Partnership Returns and Company Accounts for the LLPs on an annual basis, meaning that all statutory obligations for all partners are met in a timely and accurate manner.

But what are the benefits for our clients?

Reduction of administrative costs
Increased responsiveness to supply and demand
Bespoke reporting for all aspects of the business
Increased flexibility in your resourcing strategy
More time to concentrate on providing excellent service to your customers
Reduced legal responsibilities regarding compliance
Limited involvement in payroll/invoice process and enquiries
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Testimony from one of our clients, Mark Williams,
Finance Director- Moran Logistics

“Following extensive research on the legalities and options (which was a minefield) PDL impressed us with their professional and jargon free approach, as well as their commitment to ensure we implement on time.

This was achieved with significant personal input from the team at PDL and one-to-one discussion with our driver pool. Almost one year on, our previous ltd company drivers and new starters seem universally happy with this solution, and we continue to ‘grow’ this option to work.

Frankly, I rarely speak to PDL as the relationship is running so very smoothly. I would recommend the team and this solution from my experience”

Introducer Agreement

For every business you introduce us to, that become a client, we will pay you £1 for every payment made to that contractor as a thank you
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