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You might now want to hear this, but Couriers are sometimes the worst hit by companies that struggle with cashflow. That’s because we provide a service that is easily forgotten about. Once the delivery is complete, we become less important than things like stock or equipment.

Creditsafe strive to be at the forefront of the industry, and using their comprehensive reports on people and companies you can reduce the risk to your business.

Take a look at some of the facilities available:

CCJ information

A great place to start protecting your business from bad customers, is to check what debts they already owe. Review a company’s adverse payment history in detail before conducting business with them. This way you know if it’s worth giving them any credit facilites to start with.

Trading locations

Know your customers office and trading addresses when you start working with them. This will help identify any logistical concerns by exploring the full list of company addresses. Also, should you have to go to court to chase any debts, it’s always good to know what premises debts can be recovered from.

Up to 5 years’ of annual accounts with Creditsafe

Analyse your customers’ financial performance over the past 5 years including turnover, profit & loss, shareholder funds and much more. This will help you get an idea of how the business has been operated, allowing you to reduce risk on who you work with.

Companies House Documents

Companies House hold the official records for any Limited Companies registered in England and Wales. You can access and download original documents through Creditsafe to see who is involved in your customers businesses and what the companies current status is.

Company Group Structure

View ultimate and parent holding company information, including those overseas and possible linkages. Not only can this open new opportunities for you to in terms of customers, but it also helps in case of debt collection to know your clients business structure.

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