CX Education with Dr. Iver

Improve your CX life with help from the world’s greatest courier – Dr. Iver Van Der Warehousen

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There's no point paying for CX if you're doing it wrong.

Dr. Iver is here to show you how to get better results so you enjoy being a courier.

It’s time to add a little humour to the proceedings. Courier work does not need to be so serious. At least not ALL the time.

For a while now we’ve wanted to make more videos, but it seemed like everyone was doing the same thing – sitting in a van, talking about how their day on the Courier Exchange went.

These are very helpful videos, but we just thought it could be done with a more ‘lighthearted’ approach.

That’s why we called in Dr. Iver

Dr. Iver is one of the world’s leading experts on courier work and CX. He’s done it all. Been there and back and round the block a few times.

There are very few things he doesn’t know about delivery work and the websites that facilitate load sharing.

He can tell you where the trade entrance is, the right way to use a strap on your pallets and even how to handle a big package.

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Ask Dr. Iver

Send Your Questions To Our Expert

He wants to help deliver CX education to everyone.

Don’t be embarrassed. We all have issues now and then, with all kinds of things. If you’re not enjoying working on a delivery exchange platform, or if you’re not seeing the rewards you think you need – let us help.

Some times all it takes is a different perspective. Dr. Iver knows a lot of different ways to do it and we think he’ll be able to suggest ways that will help revitalise you and your business.

We’ll read out your questions on our YouTube channel in future videos so that you can get the support you need, and so can others if they’re having the same issues.

A photograph taken from the first video of Dr. Iver Van Der Warehousen, renowned CX education expert and exchange member

Ready to ask a question? Don’t worry, we won’t read your name out in the video if you’re shy about how bad your CX life is. We’ll make up a fake name. We’re quite good at that.

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