Here’s what you get if you choose to list your business on

All Listings:

  • Your own business page on
  • Your business address
  • Your business phone number
  • A live Google map showing your main office location.
  • An image for your business (either a photo or logo 800px X 600px @ 72dpi)
  • Up to 300 words of text about your business, who you are and what you do.
  • Social sharing buttons so that people can post the link to your page on places like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Premium Listings Only:

  • ‘Featured’ icon on the top of the page, also shown in search results.
  • Up to 6 images of your business (we recommend your logo and 5 photos, 800px X 600px @ 72dpi)
  • Service Keywords, used to refine searches and also shown on page as keywords
  • Clickable link direct to your website, good for search engine optimisation
  • NEW FEATURE – You can now embed a video from YouTube of your business.
  • COMING SOON – A contact form on your business page for customers to send requests directly to you on email from the website. (currently in testing).

The graphic below shows an example of what a listing usually looks like, and points out where the premium listing features are shown.
Please note that this graphic does not display a YouTube video which is a new feature of our listings. If you wish to see a live listing with an embedded video then go to the Avango Couriers page