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Review of The Loadie Logistics App

free to download

Just downoad the app onto an iPhone or Android mobile device and register.

no subscription fees

NO subscription fees with Loadie, so no obligations and the system is fully automated.

what you see is what you get

There is no bidding on Loadie. The price you see is the amount earn (minus admin fee).

get paid on completion

No need to invoice. The payment goes through to your app wallet and is available in 72 hours.

When I first heard about Loadie there was a lot of marketing going on around it and plenty of social media noise about how great it was going to be. And to be fair, when I investigated a bit further the idea was strong and made a lot of sense to me.

A direct customer-to-courier channel where the end customer could sell work, fix their price and the first courier that could do the job for that price clicks and takes it.

There seemed to be some initial delays in getting the full system working, but once it was live I opened an account. I mean why not, it’s FREE!

You need to supply a bit of info to get verified (such as your insurance details, standard procedure for a good work exchange service) and once you are approved you can start getting work.

That is… if you can find any.

What happens if you find a job on Loadie?

I wish I could tell you. The process is described by Loadie’s own promotional videos as being quite straightforward.

It seems that customers post their jobs and state what they are willing to pay to get it delivered. If you have the app on and you locate a job in your area then you can read the details and if you can do the job, you just click to accept the booking.

I have no first-hand experience of this as I’ve not seen a single job listing on the service so far. But in theory, that’s a great idea. No bidding and being undercut, if the price works for you, get in there.

It’s an interesting new twist to the way a typical work exchange website operates, and effectively a lot of the work isn’t being ‘exchanged’ as I think the intention is for a lot of it to come from the end customer

Any Other Good/Bad Points?

The way it’s set up is to pay the driver directly on completion of each job – which would be amazing. Isn’t that what we all really want? None of this 45-day End of Month nonsense that you get when you’re a subbie to the larger operators on other sites. Cashflow is king, remember!

On the other side of things, there’s a chance someone might always beat you to the punch. Maybe the reason I’ve never seen any work on there is because someone is always accepting the jobs before I see them? It’s possible, but unlikely as I’ve spoken to numerous other users who haven’t seen any work either.

I have an account and will most likely be keeping it – for the foreseeable future at least. What I won’t be doing though is spending too much time waiting for loads. Check once or twice a day depending on where I am. 5 minutes max is all it needs for now, then back to the other sites that have a steady flow.

If you’re lucky enough to see a job listed on there, then make a quick decision because it probably won’t be around for long.

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This review is the personal opinion of Stuart, written for publication on Couriers TV.

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Price: FREE

(Small admin fee taken from your job fee)

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Easy system to use
App seems to work as expected
Free to join, walk away any time.


Another service that (at time of our research) had no work available.


There’s no harm in joining a service that’s free, as you’re not risking any outlay. The only downside is how much time you invest in waiting for any work from a service that doesn’t seem to have any. I’m optimistic that there’s life left in this platform with continued marketing from the company behind it, but at this time your focus is best directed to services with more available work. Visit the website to find out more

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