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There’s no getting around it, if you’re going to be a courier then you’re going to need some kind of vehicle – and the best choice is often a van (unless you want to be a cycle or motorcycle courier). The trouble is, vans are not the cheapest things in the world to buy.

If you plan on sub-contracting to a larger courier company while you find your feet, then they will, in most cases, expect your vehicle to be in good condition and a maximum of 5 years old. So you need to look at either new or almost new vehicles.

The next problem is that, unless you have plenty of money to invest in your new venture from day one, then a new van is going to leave you with huge overheads.

With all that in mind, we put together a bit of information that might help with your choices, and we also direct you to companies that have the deals you might be interested in.

Don’t forget to check out our new guide to delivery vehicles for couriers which can help you narrow down the choices.


Commercial Vehicle Hire

Take a vehicle on hire and hand it back later

We really see this as a short-term solution. Hiring commercial vehicles can be more costly in some circumstances than actually buying or leasing, but if you need a vehicle urgently then it might be a great solution.

This might be the best choice if you need to take another driver on to cover a fixed-length contract, but be wary of hidden costs over damage when returning vehicles.

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