Couriers TV Chooses UK Fuels to Provide Fuel Cards to Delivery Professionals

After almost a year of diesel price rises, it's time to face facts. Prices are not coming down any time soon. You need to act to save money on your fuel bills.
Hand on fuel hose filling up vehicle

It’s nice to write an article about ourselves once in a while. And this is one particularly enjoyable moment. As you probably know, CTV is created BY couriers, FOR couriers. We live and work what we preach. So when we tell people that Fuel Cards are a good idea, it’s because we’ve used them ourselves.

As one of my old school teachers used to tell us “You should never ask anyone else to do something you’re not prepared to do yourself”. That lesson stood with me for years.

Fuel cards are sometimes a bit misunderstood. Usually by people that are new to an industry like transport.

If you haven’t used anything other than a credit or debit card to buy your fuel previously, then it can be a bit daunting to consider other options.

And then there are the people that have had a bad experience from using a ‘less than reputable’ card provider.

That’s why when we were in the process of deciding who we wanted to be the new official card provider for our visitors, we had to go BIG.

UK Fuels are one of THE leading card providers in the UK.

UK Fuels Official Logo
  • Access to over 6,500 sites in the UK
  • Pump Pricing Option
  • Fixed Pricing Option
  • Telematics (extra)

There were a lot of reasons that made them the right choice for us.

Our parent company, Avango Couriers, signed up and is using their card on a weekly basis and that experience is why we’re happy to recommend UK Fuels to our visitors.


To welcome new users, we’ve created a great opportunity for the first 20 customers that sign up to get ZERO annual account fees for the life of your account. That’s a saving of £25/year for every year you keep the account (subject to good standing).

Every penny counts when diesel is so expensive, so saving £25 per year on admin fees is another win!

What About The Future? Can I Go Electric?

Yes. If you’re interested in paying for electric charge points with Couriers TV/UK Fuels please get in touch.

Any Other Services?

We’re currently working on including a Telematics service – let us know if you’re interested!

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