Courier Exchange: Misleading Drivers During Uncertain Times?

Empty City Streets with no business misleading drivers

We created Couriers TV to do something to help those in the transport industry, and those looking to be a part of it, get the right information. With that in mind, we’re doing what we can to investigate companies. Especially those that provide goods and services, to see if they are misleading drivers.

We’ve just had a conversation with someone who has enquired about joining the Courier Exchange. Their experience has raised a few eyebrows here at CTV.

He asked:

1) How much competition there was in his local area for Luton van work?

CX response: “There are only 14 other people near that particular location with Lutons.”

Our research: Within 10 miles there are 15 owner-drivers, but also 34 courier companies that stated they had Luton vehicles, so AT LEAST 49 possible competitors.

When the radius is extended to 30 miles, the numbers leap to 60 owner-drivers and 185 companies you would be competing with.

This also doesn’t allow for people passing through that area looking for back-loads that will also increase the competition when you bid for work.

2) How many loads were being posted requesting Luton van deliveries in his area?

CX response: “There is plenty of work to be had for a Luton van”

Our research: This is a vague answer, and from what we can see – also not entirely true.

We can see 3 jobs posted between 06/04/20 and 08/04/20 that specifically asks for a Luton van within 30 miles of that particular location.

There are loads requesting other vans, which you COULD fit in your Luton van, but you will not get the rate you need to operate at a profit for that vehicle.

Even worse, one of the jobs that was requesting a Luton van, was actually not a real job, it was a company trying to build its own driver network, almost in direct competition with CX.

So according to what we’ve found, that means in 3 days there has been 2 delivery jobs posted for at least 49 people to fight over.

We’re not blaming CX for this situation. Things are bad right now around the world due to Coronavirus. There has been a huge decrease in deliveries as so many businesses have closed.

BUT… what we are saying is that it’s not fair to offer hope to someone in need of work. They have to pay HUGE membership fees, and will most likely struggle to earn those fees back.

Surely that is a form of misleading drivers?

Look at it this way...

Imagine you needed toilet rolls. So you ring your local supermarket. They tell you that they “have LOTS of toilet rolls, enough for everybody”. You drive to the store, only to find out there are none left. You’ve wasted your time, money and come away with nothing. Was it fair of the store to say that?


Everyone else in Britain is making exceptions and altering their businesses to suit the situation, why not CX?

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