Close to the start

sprint race start line

This project has been a long time coming, but for anyone that has been visited us previously, you should start to notice a big difference now.

For a long time the issue was trying to structure the directory correctly and find a way for new users to add their businesses, but then we stumbled on the answer, and that is that we will add new listings ourselves in order to confirm the accuracy of each and every listing.

But now we’re over that hurdle and on the road that leads us right up to the start line, our feet are in the blocks and almost ready for the green flag. Or the pistol. Or whatever, i’m going to stop the running puns now.

This means that the Couriers TV directory will be entirely manually edited by our own team and, in time, every listing will be verified on an annual basis to ensure each company is still who they say they are along with confirming the correct contact and address details.

We think that level of accuracy is the best way to ensure our visitors are being supplied with the best information, which in turn serves the companies listed in the directory better too.

Now that the directory is coming along so well, and the rest of the site is being populated with information for the logistics industry, we’re happy to set an official launch date of May 1st, 2017.

We know the site is already public, and if you wish to you can contact us now to add your company to our directory or discuss other advertising matters with us please feel free to do so, but May 1st will be the moment everything becomes official.

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