Breakdown and Recovery Services

The more you drive, the more likely you are to need Breakdown Services

"Nobody wants to be sat at the side of a motorway for 8 hours waiting for recovery. A good breakdown service is an essential for anyone that drives for a living."
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Director, Avango Couriers

Breakdowns. Punctures. Accidents. They’re all, unfortunately, part of being out on the road on a regular basis. And they are no fun at all. And let’s be honest – nobody wants to be stranded at the side of a road.

Just like insurance, having access to a breakdown service is a necessity. We might not always want it. It’s not as ‘cool’ as having new fuzzy dice hanging in your windscreen or an LED light strip down the side of your van. But come that day that you need it, you’ll be glad you have it.

So in true Couriers TV fashion, we looked into the services that are available.

The Couriers TV Breakdown Services Partners

The A.A.


The Automobile Association, or AA as most of us know it, is possibly the foremost recovery service in the UK. Couriers have to pay more than regular drivers (which is fairly understandable due to the nature of our work). There’s a full article coming soon so make sure to check back regularly.

Prices range from £108-£210 per year for courier cover (source:

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Not yet reviewed

We’re still looking into the full ins-and-outs of the RAC’s position on recovering courier vehicles. Some of our members have said that they have been told the RAC is no longer providing a recovery service to couriers – but we have not yet verified this.

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Green Flag

Not yet reviewed

This is tricky one. From people we’ve spoken to, Green Flag has some good feedback. But we’ve spoken to a representative directly who stated that they don’t allow couriers to use the service. For that reason we’ve not yet been able to give Green Flag a true review score. More information to follow.

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